SNAP - Student Numeracy Assessment Progressions

Building Number Sense

Embracing the multi-faceted nature of early numeracy.

Assessment in the Kindergarten and First Grade Classroom

SNAP includes 13 assessment tasks spanning 6 areas of early numeracy:

  • FNWS
  • BNWS
  • NID
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Finger Patterns
  • Spatial Patterns

Excellent introduction to the style of assessment that is a hallmark of Math Recovery®.

Classroom Assessment

Documenting Progress

Documenting Progress

SNAP features the use of a folder for documenting individual growth in numeracy. Developmental continuums with anchor points are identified on the folder allowing teachers to create a cumulative record of each child’s growth. A class profile is then created resulting in effective instructional planning.

The class profile provides classroom teachers with a visual summary of the range of development in the classroom for any given aspect covered in the assessment. Multiple administrations or annotations can be recorded on the same sheet to track progress.

Data to Inform Instruction

Teachers use data to develop classroom profiles that are used when planning for mathematics instruction. SNAP is used in conjunction with district adopted curriculum materials.

An introduction to Math Recovery® instructional tasks offers teachers supplemental resources.

For more in-depth experience with Math Recovery® assessment and instruction see Add+VantageMR® and Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist.

Informed Instruction