June 2017 Letter from Christina Miller

Posted by Christina Miller

Greetings from the US Math Recovery Council®,

This is a wonderful time of year at US Math Recovery Council®! Math Recovery® courses are happening all across the United States in places such as Ludlow, Massachusetts; Flint, Michigan; Green Bay, Wisconsin; College Station, Texas; Buffalo, Wyoming and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We at the US Math Recovery Council® have the opportunity to experience the excitement and passion for learning through the teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals participating in Math Recovery® courses. Your stories are inspiring and the energy from participants lifts us all! From 2014 through the end of June 2017, we have collectively made an impact on the lives of nearly 18,000 teachers!

Math Recovery Professional Development

Thank you for your hard work and support in bringing to life the mission of the US Math Recovery Council®.

You make it possible.

Christina Miller

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Welcome New Board Members!

Posted by Amy Hurley

The US Math Recovery Council's® Board of Directors is excited to welcome new board members, Dr. Jonathan Bostic and Julie Holmes and returning board members Dr. Anne Catena and Lauren Simpson with the approval of US Math Recovery Council's® 2017 Slate.

We also welcome our newly appointed treasurer Dr. Steven J Johnson CPA, CITP. Steve is a financial professional with extensive experience across a wide range of areas. He has held a number of positions throughout his career, including the CFO for a small financial services firm, the owner of a public accounting firm, the V.P. for a large regional financial institution, a consultant and an educator. In addition to leading Canopy Research Group, Steve is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Minnesota State University, Mankato. His research is focused on business intelligence, specifically in the areas of employee engagement, leadership and customer satisfaction and loyalty. In his spare time,...

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The 2017 US Math Recovery Council® Conference is Filling Fast!

Posted by Petey (Lucinda) MacCarty

You won't want to miss the 2017 US Math Recovery Council® Conference, Merging Knowledge and Practice: A convergence of Math Recovery® researchers and practitioners to deepen our knowledge and refine our practice! This year's conference offers a wealth of professional development opportunities, including pre-conference sessions, a renowned slate of keynote speakers, and breakout sessions focusing on implementation, teaching ideas, and rich content from the Learning Framework in Number. You are sure to find a full slate of sessions to support your work with Math Recovery® programs.

With the addition of the Add+VantageMR® Fractions and Fractions Champion courses the conference now addresses content reaching from Pre-K to middle school. The USMRC Conference is a perfect place to learn more about the new courses and to meet new colleagues that share your passion. Many of the authors of the Math Recovery® series of books will be presenting both keynotes and breakout sessions...

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Electronic Student Data Entry and Student Data Reports

Posted by Petey (Lucinda) MacCarty

If you haven't tried it yet, you will want to enter your student intervention data through the US Math Recovery® website. Data entry is quick and easy. It allows you to enter student data for both small group and one-on-one intervention data, for students in kindergarten through 9th grade and beyond, and up to 4 assessment interviews per student per year.

You begin by logging into your dashboard on www.mathrecovery.org. Once you are logged in choose the "Student Data" option from the list on the left of your screen (see the screenshot below).

Student Data Screenshot

After entering the data for one student, you can choose to temporarily store the data by selecting "Save & Finish Later", the blue button. When you are satisfied with the data you have entered, you can go ahead and select "Submit Data to Math Recovery®", the red button. Be forewarned that you cannot...

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Visit US Math Recovery Council® at Texas Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching

Posted by Cindy Johnson

Please stop by and say hello at our exhibitor booth at the Texas Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching (CAMT) and come to hear more about Math Recovery® at our speaker presentations.

July 10-12 - Texas Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching (CAMT)

Monday, July 10
Marria Carrington: Case of Ibby - Intervention for Multiplication and Fractions with 3rd Grader

  • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM, session 1034 in the Omni Sundance 6
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, session 1098 in the Omni Stockyards 2

Tuesday, July 11
Mike Busch: Profiles of Student Understanding: What Do We Really Know About Our Students?

  • 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM, session 1186 in the Omni Sundance 3

Call for Nominees for the 2018 Pioneer Award

Posted by Amy Paladino

Pioneer Award Image

The US Math Recovery Council® Pioneer Award is designed to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of numeracy.

We are seeking nominations from the membership of exceptional educators who have demonstrated highly effective engagement with students in the mathematics teaching and learning process, who have demonstrated dedicated service to their school, community and/or the US Math Recovery Council® and who have demonstrated a significant commitment to their own professional growth.

Please postmark your nominations by July 1, 2017!

What Teachers are Saying

Posted by Natalie Nigro

"Hands down, this is the most applicable and exciting teacher training I have ever had! I feel empowered to be able to really effect student's understanding of not just how to do math, but how numbers and math work!" (AVMR 2, Ludington, MI)

"By far, one of the best ever! All of the information is useful in the classroom. I loved how the materials we received go right along with the course and can help guide our instruction in the classroom. The tests are quick for the handful of students that need extra help." (AVMR 2, Ludington, MI)

"I personally like the online collaboration and webinars getting info directly from your team. The technology was pretty easy to use and effective. I like the way the modules were designed broken up into steps with links and resources available a click away." (Fractions, Apple Valley, MN)

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Vote Today! - Your Vote Counts for 2017 Board Slate

Posted by Amy Hurley

Dear US Math Recovery® Council Members:

The Board Development Committee, on behalf of the US Math Recovery® Board of Directors, is pleased to introduce the 2017 Slate of Nominees for the membership's vote. Membership will vote either yes or no on the entire slate, not on individual candidates. We have worked hard vetting the recommendations received to create the slate with consideration to the specific skills and expertise of the individuals who will be responsible to shepherd the organization's future growth, capacity and sustainability.

Please review the Nominee Slate below. Voting will be open from May 3, 2017, through May 26, 2017. Please log into your Math Recovery® account to cast your vote by visiting http://www.mathrecovery.org/votes.

Math Recovery® Voting

2017 New Board Member Nominee Slate!

Jonathan D. Bostic, Ph.D.

Jonathan is an Associate Professor of mathematics education at Bowling Green State...

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Board Welcomes Interim Executive Director

Posted by Debora Farley

It is our pleasure to announce that Christina Miller is US Math Recovery Council's® Interim Executive Director. Carolyn Olijnek left US Math Recovery Council® in April and Christina stepped in as her replacement. Christina has been a US Math Recovery Council® employee since 2014.

However, her connection to the organization started long before she became an employee. She was a consultant and former board member. Prior to taking on the Interim Executive Director role, she was the Professional Development Director. She is experienced in both the business and educational aspects of a non-profit organization, and is currently a PhD candidate in Curriculum and Instruction: Elementary Mathematics. The board will be recruiting for this position in May, and Christina will be a candidate.

DR. ROBERT (BOB) WRIGHT to Share His Knowledge of Assessment and Teaching of Number at the 2017 US Math Recovery Council® Conference!

Posted by Petey (Lucinda) MacCarty

Dr. Bob Wright

Dr. Bob Wright, Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia, will share with us his latest insights, results and wisdom during this year's US Math Recovery Council® Conference in Bloomington, MN on October 23-26, 2017. Rarely do we, as educators, get the opportunity to speak directly with the developer. During the annual USMRC® Conference you will have the chance to hear him speak on such topics as: working with first-grade intervention students, structuring numbers to 10 and to 20, place value, and how to choose the best setting. Dr. Wright continues to work directly with teachers in the field, conduct research, and share his knowledge and expertise with others through published books, articles, and workshops. Whether you choose to participate in Dr. Wright's pre-conference session, listen to his keynote address, or attend his breakout sessions, you can refine or extend your current knowledge of...

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