Board of Directors Update: A Letter from the Chair

Posted by Yvette Panasowich

The US Math Recovery Council® Board of Directors met August 2-4, 2013, in our new home state of Minnesota. We were delighted to have four new board members in attendance! Ms. Mollie Gabrielson is from South Dakota where she serves as the Math Recovery® Coordinator and a secondary Mathematics Coach. Ms. Tricia Gessele is from Spokane Washington. Tricia has spent the last several years providing mathematics professional development for administrators and PK-12 teachers. Dr. Patrick Sullivan is an adjunct professor at Penn State University. Dr. Sullivan has served as the principal, as well as a mathematics teacher, at Grace Prep High School in State College, PA for the past four years. Dr. David Webb is from Colorado. Dr. Webb is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and is also the Executive Director of Freudenthal Institute US. The Board also includes Dr. Anne Catena (NJ), Ms. Deb Farley (NY), Mr. Fred...

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2014 Conference Update

Posted by Philip Koury

US Math Recovery Council® Membership,

We are pleased to announce the 2014 US Math Recovery® National Conference, "The Difference Is YOU In Transforming Numeracy Education", taking place in Austin, Texas on May 6-8, 2014, with pre-conference on May 5. Gather with mathematics educators interested in promoting research-based mathematics teaching and learning at the 2014 conference.

US Math Recovery® invites you to submit a speaker proposal to share topics, practices, and research in mathematics education with your colleagues at the conference. To submit a proposal, please find the "Call for Presenters" link on our website. The deadline for submissions is November 1, 2013. "The Difference is YOU", so you sharing your expertise is important to "Transforming Numeracy".

Dr. Jonathan Thomas and Dr. Pamela Tabor were featured in the August Newsletter recognizing their Linking Research and Practice Outstanding Publication Award for their article published in Teaching Children Mathematics,...

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Mission Statement Reformat

Posted by Philip Koury

The US Math Recovery® Board of Directors has made it a practice to begin with and to refer to our mission throughout our meetings. As part of our strategic planning efforts in August, we revisited our mission more closely to verify that it does reflect the purpose of the US Math Recovery Council®. Although the sentiment remains the same, you may notice that it has evolved into a slightly different format. When asked about US Math Recovery Council's® mission, people were often able to state the critical ideas but found it somewhat difficult to quote. After minor crafting and adjustments, the Board of Directors voted to approve the newly reformatted, more easily quoted mission.

The mission of the US Math Recovery Council® is
To transform numeracy education
To connect research with practice
To empower educators to advance student mathematical thinking and success
...through Math Recovery® principles.


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September 2013 Programming Update

Posted by Philip Koury

We are excited to announce that Add+VantageMR® Course 1 has now been updated to have the same formatting features as Add+VantageMR® Course 2.2. September marked the release of the updated Teacher Kits, which includes a new teacher handbook and a few enhancements in the instructional settings to allow for classroom teachers to work with provided materials in a small group setting. Another noteworthy addition is the update to the Structuring Numbers Model and Assessment. We now are using the same Structuring Numbers Model across Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist and Add+VantageMR®.

We are also proud to offer an online update for Add+VantageMR® Champions! Emails were sent out to all Champions with a presentation outlining details about the update and New Structuring Numbers Clips. If you, or a Champion you know, did not receive that email, please check your spam folder before contacting Phil Koury at

There are two remaining...

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US Math Recovery Council® Board Election Process

Posted by Philip Koury

The US Math Recovery Council® has a new process for our membership to choose individuals to fill open positions on our Board of Directors. Each year the Board will seek nominations from the membership to fill vacancies on the US Math Recovery Council® Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of 7 members from the Math Recovery® community and 6 members from the education community, as well as other professional backgrounds, that possess expertise that would be beneficial to the US Math Recovery Council®.

For the Board to perform at the highest possible level, we seek to diversify the areas of expertise represented among Board members. Board members coming from outside the Math Recovery® community that can add areas of expertise to the US Math Recovery Council® Board of Directors would include, but are not limited to, school administrators, accountants, legal experts, people from the mathematics education community,...

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Pioneer Award Description & Rubric

Posted by Philip Koury

The US Math Recovery Council® Pioneer Award is designed to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of numeracy. Presentations of the Pioneer Award are made at the US Math Recovery Council® Annual Meeting.

We invite nominations of exceptional educators who have demonstrated highly effective engagement with students in the mathematics teaching and learning process, who have demonstrated dedicated service to their school, community and/or the US Math Recovery Council® and who have demonstrated a significant commitment to their own professional growth. In short, we seek nominees whose work has had an especially important influence on mathematics education and on the system(s) in which they have worked. US Math Recovery® takes pleasure in recognizing outstanding educators and we look forward to receiving your nomination.

Selection Criteria - Nominees for the US Math Recovery Council® Pioneer Award should meet the following criteria:

  • Years of...
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Executive Summary of August Board Minutes

Posted by Philip Koury

Executive Summary of Minutes - US Math Recovery Council® Board Meeting, August 4, 2013

CEO Report: Carolyn Olijnek, US Math Recovery Council® CEO

12 month Strategic Plan Update:

  • AVMR Course 1 and The Champion revisions have been completed.
  • The new Website is up and working.
  • Consultant Retreat was held in July and deemed a success.
  • The 2014 Conference planning is well underway.
  • USMRC transition: The office will close on Friday, August 9 in Nashville, TN and reopen on Monday, August 12 in Apple Valley, MN.
  • The new address for US Math Recovery Council® is:
    • US Math Recovery®
      15025 Glazier Avenue, Suite 207
      Apple Valley, MN 55124

Program Development Update: Christina Miller and Vicki Breneman
The 2014 Conference will be held in Austin, Texas, May 6-8, 2014, with the pre-conference on May 5. The theme will be...

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August 2013 Letter from Carolyn

Posted by Philip Koury

Dear Math Recovery® Council Members,

With great enthusiasm, I write to inform you of a special honor for two members of our Math Recovery® Community. Dr. Jonathan Thomas and Dr. Pamela Tabor will be awarded the Linking Research and Practice Outstanding Publication. In 2010 the National Council of Teacher of Mathematics Research Committee began recognizing one article annually from each of its three school journals, Teaching Children Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, and Mathematics Teacher. The award is given to outstanding work that connects research and practice and is targeted to practitioner audiences. Drs. Thomas and Tabor?s winning submission, "Developing Quantitative Mental Imagery," was published in Teaching Children Mathematics, October 2012.

Both Dr. Thomas and Dr. Tabor have foundational roots in Math Recovery® professional development and continue to impact the Math Recovery® community with their research and instructional efforts.

Dr. Thomas is Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at...

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USRMC Seeks Employees for Minnesota Office

Posted by Philip Koury

Dear US Math Recovery® Council Members,

We are looking forward to a delightfully busy summer schedule! The response to Summer Institute trainings for Math Recovery® Intervention Specialists and AVMR Champions is impressive, and we continue to support our mission and transform numeracy education. Many districts and regions are busy partnering with USMRC to provide professional development more locally for educators as well. The enthusiasm is contagious and we thank you for being ambassadors of Math Recovery® programs.

Later this summer US Math Recovery® will be relocating to Minnesota. Our goal is to maintain high quality, uninterrupted services and professional development throughout the move and beyond. In preparation, we are seeking to fill 3 full-time positions and a part-time position as well. Please find the employment postings for Training and Events Director, Operations Director, Office Administrator, and Operations Assistant.

We are particularly interested in hiring someone with a strong understanding of...

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