US Math Recovery Council®
2023 National Conference

April 24 - 26, 2023

Igniting a Bright Future



April 24 - 26, 2023

The Davenport Grand

Spokane, WA

Make The Case To Attend

Attending the US Math Recovery® Conference provides valuable professional development opportunities to enhance your skills and help build a collegial support system. To aid in the discussion with your administrator, please feel free to utilize the Talking Points document below to support your request for conference attendance. Additionally, the second page includes a request letter which can be copied and personalized.

Keynote Speakers

Igniting a Bright Future!

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Minding Your Own Mathematics

Dr. Anderson Norton

Dr. Anderson Norton

Professor of Mathematics Education, Virginia Tech

Teaching Mathematics Conceptually:
Examining the U.S. Math Recovery Council’s Guiding Principles

Dr. Beth MacDonald

Dr. Beth MacDonald

Associate Professor of Early Childhood Mathematics Education, Illinois State University

Dr. Jonathan Thomas

Dr. Jonathan Thomas

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education,
Chair of the Department of STEM Education, University of Kentucky

Minding Your Own Mathematics

Dr. Norton frames mathematics as a product of psychology, and more specifically, as a coordination of mental actions. Following a Piagetian perspective, mathematical operations are characterized as mental actions that are reversible and composable, thus rendering them both reliable and fruitful. Long chains of such mental actions can be carried out with perfect reliability and form all kinds of mathematical objects through the coordination of operations, within group-like structures. To illustrate, we start with the simple example of reflections about a line in the plane: a reversible mental action with primitive roots. By composing such reflections with one another, we can generate rotations, translations, and glide reflections. In turn, those transformations define the objects of Euclidean geometry and their properties. For example, we can rely on mental rotations to intuitively prove that the sum of the interior angles in any triangle is π.

Teaching Mathematics Conceptually: Examining the U.S. Math Recovery Council’s Guiding Principles

Drs. MacDonald and Thomas provide an overview of the structure and dive deep into portions of their new book, Teaching Mathematics Conceptually: Guiding Instructional Principles for 5–10-year-olds. Throughout this discussion, they discuss some of the unique contributions this book provides by diving deeper into four key chapters.

  • Connections between learning progressions/trajectories with several frameworks utilized in the Math Recovery series.
  • The impact teachers’ noticing and monitoring of students’ mathematics in classroom practices has with how instructional decisions are shaped in a mathematics classroom.
  • Delve into rich theoretical relationships between children’s mathematics learning and their reflective activity while solving mathematical tasks.
  • Explicate equitable practices in mathematics classrooms.

Final take-aways from this discussion will include practical ways educators can connect these guiding principles to effective student and teaching practices in mathematics education.

2023 Registration Rates

Registration will be open thru April 21, 2023 or until sold out

Early Bird Payment is due upon registration and no later than the early bird deadline on February 21, 2023, otherwise you will be charged regular rates.
Registration Fee is non-refundable after March 24, 2023. Registration can still be transferred to another person by calling (952) 491-9852.

2023 US Math Recovery Council®
Conference Rates
Register before February 21, 2023
February 22 – April 21, 2023
Level 2-3 Member * Non-Member or Level 1 Level 2-3 Member * Non-Member or Level 1
(choice of any 2 half-day sessions)

Full Day, April 24
Includes Breakfast & Lunch
You will be required to choose sessions at the time of registration
You will be required to choose sessions at the time of registration
(choice of any 1 half-day session)

Half Day, April 24
AM session includes Breakfast
PM session includes Lunch
You will be required to choose sessions at the time of registration
You will be required to choose sessions at the time of registration
Full 2-Day Conference
April 25 - 26
Includes Breakfast & Lunch
Complimentary Hors d’oeuvres Reception on April 25th
$480 $530 $550 $600
Single Day Conference
April 25 OR April 26
Includes Breakfast & Lunch on a single day
$270 $320 $330 $380

* If your account is not deducting the discount for membership, please contact USMRC office at 952-491-9858 BEFORE finalizing and submitting payment for your registration.
Discounts: If you are accepted to speak at the conference, one lead speaker will receive a registration discount code for $100 off registration for the conference.

Travel & Logistics

April 24 - 26, 2023
The Davenport Grand

Spokane International Airport

Fly into Spokane International Airport
Distance: 8 miles


333 W Spokane Falls Blvd
Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: (509) 458-3330


Discounted overnight self-parking is available for guests at $17.00/night. Daily Self-Parking is $6.00 for hours 1-4/$2.00/hr. additional. Valet Rates are $22/daily or $32/overnight.



What is the Math Recovery® Conference?
The US Math Recovery Council® Conference is offered by the US Math Recovery Council®, a nonprofit educational agency, and its Board of Directors. The annual conference provides awareness, support and continuing education for those striving to transform numeracy education to ensure all students have access to high quality mathematics instruction. Conference attendees and presenters gather together from across the US and other nations to learn, share, connect and build strong collegial networks of support. It is a great place to ask questions and engage in fostering the further development of mathematics instruction that meets the needs of each student. Learn about the most recent research, examine Math Recovery® and Add+VantageMR® implementations, get a snap shot of the future of Math Recovery®, and connect with friends and colleagues, old and new. Whether you are an administrator, a teacher, a math coach, a teaching assistant, an undergraduate in education, or an interventionist, you will find a range of session offerings to meet your needs.
How do I ask my administrator for funding to attend?
Attending the US Math Recovery® Conference provides valuable professional development opportunities to enhance your skills and help build a collegial support system. Feel free to download and customize the important Talking Points found in the Make The Case document to support your request to attend.
Can Math Recovery® accommodate my special dietary needs?
US Math Recovery Council® takes allergies seriously and strives to offer food options to meet the dietary needs for all attendees. We work with the hosting hotel to provide safe and delicious meals in a buffet style with allergen ingredients labeled or removed. Despite taking every precaution, we cannot guarantee that menu items are free of trace amounts of allergens or meets the need for a very limited diet or life-threatening allergies. Please request all dietary needs during the registration process.
What is the dress code?
Most participants wear comfortable and casual clothing. The temperature inside the meeting rooms should be comfortable, although you may want to bring a sweater. You may also want to bring comfortable walking shoes as many shops and restaurants in the area are within walking distance. Layered clothing is best. Remember to bring a jacket for evening outings. If you plan to participate in the Fun Run, be sure to bring running shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather in Spokane at that time of the year.
What else is there to do besides attending the conference?
US Math Recovery Council® is planning some fun social activities outside the conference day. Return to the conference webpage frequently to see developments on the social schedule.

Discover The Area to learn about the many activities, shopping and other area interests.


What are the registration fees?
Registration fees will vary based on whether you are a member, non-member, early bird or later. Before you register, check to be sure your membership dues will be current right up to the date of the beginning of the conference. If not, renew your membership first before registering. To get the best value keep your membership up-to-date and register before the Early Bird deadline expires.

Click here to download and print a chart listing all registration rates.
Where is the group registration button?
There is not a “group” button. Each individual registers while logged into their account. The registration process automatically links to a participant’s account to verify certifications for specific session choices. If a third-party registers for you, please be sure they log into your US Math Recovery account and fill in the conference attendee's information and not their own.

If a group needs to pay together, please put the same PO number in the Purchase Order field during the payment section on each registration.
What is the importance of individual registration?
There are several session choices an individual may choose during the registration process that will require individual certifications. Therefore, you will need to be logged into your Math Recovery® account to connect your certifications with your conference registration. For example, if you have not attended a specific course prior to the conference or are not logged into your account, you will not have the option to choose some session choices. If a third party needs to register for you, please be sure they are capable of logging into your membership account to connect your certifications and they fill in the conference attendee's information and not their own.

If you do not have an account already, see the FAQ directed to this topic.
What if I am not a member, do not have an account, or cannot remember my password?
If you are not a Math Recovery® Member and do not have an account, you must "create" a complimentary account before registering for the conference. If you have previously taken a course or registered for past conferences and cannot remember your password, please do not create a second account. Click on the "forgot password" button and follow the instructions to reset your password.
Can I bring a guest with me included in my registration fee?
As always, we encourage that you bring colleagues and friends with you to the US Math Recovery Council® conference; however, each registered participant will need to pay a registration fee for their own attendance.
How can I get a discount on my registration fees?
Register early and maintain your membership to receive the most value.

Sessions & Offerings

What can I expect at pre-conference?
Pre-conference sessions allow participants to choose from a selection of half-day experiences focusing on important topics within the Math Recovery® community. Pre-conference sessions are facilitated by experienced and knowledgeable US Math Recovery Council® staff and members.

During the registration process, you will be prompted to select optional pre-conference sessions. To learn more about each pre-conference session offering, hover over the icon on the registration page or see the schedule. You do not have to register for the pre-conference to register for the 2-day main conference event.
What can I expect during the 2-day conference?
Sessions offered within the 2-day conference consist of keynote sessions by featured authors of the Math Recovery® series of books, sessions led by US Math Recovery® staff, and selected sessions led by members within the Math Recovery® community. The slate of sessions offered presents a range of topics important to learning and implementing Math Recovery®. The conference schedule is continually updated as planning for the conference continues. Please check the schedule for the latest information on sessions, activities and times.
What is the schedule for the conference and what time should I plan to leave for the airport without missing vital information?
Please check the conference webpage for the latest schedule of events and travel information. Monday's pre-conference will dismiss at 3:40 p.m. The full 2-day conference will end on Wednesday at 4:50 p.m.


Is there a shuttle from the airport or will I need to arrange my own transportation?
There is no hotel shuttle available.
What are the details of the Hotel and Conference venue?
You can find hotel information in the “Travel & Logistics” section of the conference webpage.
What airport(s) should I fly into?
The Spokane International Airport is 8 miles from the Davenport Grand Hotel.
What are some of the other transportation details?
There is no hotel shuttle for the Spokane International Airport to the Davenport Grand Hotel. You will need to plan for other travel arrangements, such as taxi or other car service, car rental, or the Spokane Transit Authority’s bus Route 60 (Airport-Browne’s Addition). The Spokane Transit Authority bus is a cost of $2 one-way. For more details check the schedule.
Where should I park and is there a charge?
Discounted overnight self-parking at the Davenport Grand Hotel is available for guests at $17.00/night. Daily Self-Parking is $6.00 for hours 1-4/$2.00/hr. additional. Valet Rates are $22/daily or $32/overnight.