Immersion Award

Math Recovery® Specialist: Part 1
Immersion Award

Math Recovery® Specialist Immersion Awards are open to individuals who are interested in math intervention professional development.

The US Math Recovery Council® will award full scholarships to enroll in Math Recovery® Specialist: Part 1 (MRSp1). The Specialist course is a rigorous year-long course that provides intensive professional development that develops intervention teaching experience and highly specialized knowledge in Math Recovery content, assessment, and teaching.

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Award closes April 15, 2022.

Math Recovery Specialist courses provide the deepest level of professional development and support available through the US Math Recovery Council. These intensive, blended-learning professional development experiences include continual cycles of instruction, reflection, and refinement resulting in a high level of expertise in mathematics intervention and Math Recovery specialization.

Math Recovery® Specialist: Part 1 (MRSp1)

Intervention and Specialization in Number Learning for the Primary Grades
MRSp1 Requirements:
Evidence of student and teacher growth is an important component of the Math Recovery Specialist course experience. The course includes projects that help show evidence of a teacher’s reflection and understanding of Math Recovery assessment and teaching. In applying for this award, you are committing to the following course expectations:

  • Participants can expect two or three hour synchronous course sessions with additional self-paced asynchronous online learning modules, course reading, and time to implement assessments and instructional activities with students throughout the course.

  • Participants engage daily in working 1:1 and in small groups with mostly primary students to administer and evaluate Math Recovery assessments and refine instruction.

  • Complete 100 hours total of video recorded 1:1 and small group instruction with students in grades K-2, and 1:1 work specifically with first-grade students.

  • Create Assessment Portfolio and successfully complete a Culminating Project to highlight learning and growth throughout their specialist experience.

  • After initial designation, recertification requirements are required every three years to maintain the Math Recovery Specialist designation.

  • Participants must have their own dedicated space and computer during the online interactive professional development sessions.
No Math Recovery course prerequisites required to attend MRSp1. MRSp1 is a prerequisite for Math Recovery Specialist: Part 2 Intervention and Specialization in Number Learning for the Intermediate Grades and the Math Recovery AVMR Champion course.
MRSp1 includes the assessment and teaching topics of addition and subtraction, structuring numbers, number word sequences, numeral identification, and conceptual place value. The MRSp1 course length is typically 12 months. After completion of this course, participants are well prepared for providing targeted intervention students and are a valuable resource for supporting school- or district-wide initiatives.

Course Includes:
  • Virtual Course Meetings & Collegial Team Meetings eLearning Modules
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • MRSp1 Teacher Handbooks
  • Five Assessments
  • Four Course Texts
  • On-going Support Options Available

Course 3496
September 27, 2022 - June 6, 2023

Attendance at all virtual meetings is required for this award.
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Why Should I Apply?

MRSp1 is a year-long professional development experience that empowers educators to provide targeted intervention as well as support school or district-wide initiatives. Apply now for the Math Recovery® Specialist Immersion Award to start your journey. Course benefits include:

  • Empowering educators to cultivate a high level of expertise in mathematics intervention
  • Improving students' conceptual understanding and achievement
  • Video recorded lessons & one-on-one coaching provides specific feedback on assessment and instruction Research-based & STEMworks vetted

Who Should Apply?

This tuition assistance award is meant to benefit a school that is not currently implementing any Math Recovery programs. MRSp1 is for educators, coaches, or leaders providing intervention for students who are not meeting grade-level expectations or are receiving special services.

Application Deadline: End of day, April 15, 2022.
Award finalists will be interviewed the week of May 2, 2022.
Recipients will be announced the week of May 9, 2022.

Application Process

  • Fill out the form from the Apply Now button
    • While not required for the initial application, Finalists will need to submit an Administrator Letter showing support for the educator taking the course. A sample Administrator Letter can be found here.
    • Administrator Letters can be submitted on the application form or by emailing them to
  • Interviews will last up to 30 minutes.

What is Math Recovery?

Math Recovery is research-based professional development which empowers educators to advance students’ mathematical thinking and success. We do this through educator development, student assessment, and instructional strategies. Math Recovery® has three different professional development offering paths: