May 2013 Letter from Carolyn

Dear US Math Recovery® Members,

Jim Martland, Math Recovery® Founder

It truly warms my heart to be part of an organization so passionate for its mission. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you at the Math Recovery® Conference in Denver. Many people commented on the positive energy and dedication of those they met at the conference. I am proud to be a part of an organization where educators new to Math Recovery® and individuals investigating Math Recovery® for the first time seek out staff to tell them about their welcoming, professional, and energetic experience at the conference. Experiences such as this speak so highly of our membership. You should be proud of what you represent.

The mission of the US Math Recovery® Council is to transform numeracy education by connecting research with practice through Math Recovery® principles and theory, thus empowering educators to advance student mathematical thinking and success.

We have an exciting and busy summer ahead. Many school districts are offering courses as they continue with district Math Recovery® implementation plans. In addition, summer regional courses offer opportunities for districts to experience a Math Recovery® course with teachers from area districts. Summer Institute registration is available on the website, and we look forward to learning with you in Nashville. Please contact the office or Patty King ( with courses you would like to have offered in your area.

Our conference planning committee is reviewing feedback from the 2013 conference and is in the planning stages for 2014 and beyond. We are looking for two members to serve on the conference planning committee. This is a great opportunity to provide input and to serve Math Recovery®. Please submit a brief letter with your credentials and workshop/conference planning experiences to Lisa Wooley ( to express your interest.

In August the Board of Directors will meet with a focus on strategic planning. Our four main goals involve research and program development, training and consulting, marketing and outreach, and organization infrastructure. You may contact us at any time using the links provided on the Math Recovery® website. The mission of the US Math Recovery® Council is the compass to guide our journey.

As I close this letter and you prepare to close your classrooms, I want to come back to a statement that Junior, one of my Math Recovery® students, made in the video I shared at the conference, "I think when you here, then I know. Not in my classroom, but when I'm here." What steps are you taking to empower your students for mathematical thinking and success as they leave your guidance? Undoubtedly, Math Recovery® principles and theory serve as a beacon, and I encourage you to go through the section of the Red Book entitled "Progressive Mathematization of Arithmetic." Just as we want our students to develop mathematical sophistication over time, we also hold ourselves to that same expectation of continuous improvement and sophistication of coaching and understanding of mathematical thinking.

Best wishes to each of you.

Carolyn Olijnek
Chief Executive Officer
US Math Recovery®

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