May 2013 Update from the Board Chair

Dear USMRC Membership:

What an exciting Denver Conference! The theme of Climbing New Heights of Numeracy was truly achieved through our wonderful keynote speakers as well as through our Math Recovery® "family" presenters. I wanted to extend my sincere THANK YOU to each of you for making the conference a SUCCESS! It was especially nice to have Dr. Jim Martland and Ms. Ann Stafford-Dillon attending and presenting at this year's conference.

After completing an extensive CEO search guided by the Center for Non-profit Management, the Math Recovery® community officially met Carolyn Olijnek, our newly appointed CEO. Carolyn took command of the podium to deliver stellar messages steeped in Math Recovery® practices, theory and, most importantly, supporting our mission. The USMRC Board of Directors heartily supports Ms. Olijnek and is proud to have a Math Recovery® practitioner leading our organization. We are pleased to have Carolyn as the face and heart of Math Recovery®!

I must also recognize our Conference Committee that included Lisa Wooley, Patty King, Christina Miller, Mari Muri, Deb Farley and Lynn Hayden for planning such a GREAT and AWESOME conference. Each day of the Conference was a success thanks to the endless hours dedicated to the event. Our USMRC contract staff, Brenton Jones and Lisa Wooley, provided the entire behind-the-scenes support to make your conference experience top notch. The Board recognizes and appreciates their GIANT contributions to ensure the Conference's success!

Thank you to our USMRC membership! You were all gracious, inquisitive, veracious learners and attentive participants. Thank you for your attendance and conference feedback and comments. We will use this data as we begin planning next year's conference. The Annual Membership meeting was well attended and provided the Board with an opportunity to demonstrate our accountability and dedication to our membership and Organization. We will continue to hold Annual Membership Meetings each year at the Annual Conference to provide our membership with updates and the Organization's strategic accomplishments. Thank you for supporting your Board of Directors as we continue to steward the Organization on a path of growth and stability.

The conference was wonderful on so many levels. The sessions were filled with information that will ultimately translate into success for my students. Practical ideas were shared and made me feel like I can use the information for my own growth as a teacher. Everyone I spoke with was friendly and so supportive-it's great to be a part of that kind of environment. I hope I can help grow that sense of support.
Patrick Kind, in reference to the Math Recovery® conference in Denver

Your Board of Directors was very busy at the Annual Conference! We presided over workshops, mingled at the Meet and Greet, attended a Board meeting and held a Membership meeting! An outcome of the Board of Director's meeting yielded Lynn Haden accepting her nomination as Chair Elect and Vicki Breneman accepting her appointment as Board Secretary! The Executive Committee is at full strength as Lynn continues to serve as Treasurer. Your Executive Committee leadership team consists of me (Chair), Mari (Past Chair) Lynn (Chair Elect/Treasurer), Vicki (Secretary) and Carolyn as CEO. Your leadership team will continue to make sound decisions referencing data, best practices and fiscal responsibility to sustain and grow US Math Recovery®.

The USMRC's Board of Directors is honored to serve you and the Council. We look forward to providing continued service to ensure USMRC's growth and stability for the future. Please feel free to contact the Board through our new and improved website and follow us on Facebook!


Yvette Panasowich
Chair of the Board

Many of the Conference presenters have been willing to share their presentations and handouts with the Math Recovery® community. Watch for PDF copies of their Power Points coming soon to the website.

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