Executive Summary of February 2014 Board Minutes

Executive Summary

CEO Report - Carolyn Olijnek, CEO of US Math Recovery Council®
  • Presented highlights for 2013
  • Presented the Strategic Plan
  • Website is going well with new features being added such as: membership area called Connect MR, all courses being listed, online registrations for conference, online registration for courses
  • Add+VantageMR® Course 1 revision is released to districts
  • First successful online delivery of an update provided to Champions
  • Attended NCTM Louisville
  • Presented to 90 participants in Green Bay a one-day workshop featuring Math Recovery as a scientific, research/evidence-based intervention for SLD identification
  • New office and new staff is going very well. With the move to Minnesota we have realized many cost savings including, but not limited to, rent, accounting, auditor services, shipping charges, and printing costs
  • 2,751 teachers participated in Math Recovery® programs in 2013, with increases in Champion and Leader programs
  • Conference planning is going well, all keynote speakers and other session speakers are in place
Program Development Report - Christina Miller, Director of Programming and Development
  • Completed the Add+VantageMR® Course 1 revision and new handbooks were printed and sent with updated kits
  • Champion update is completed and information is presented online and through Connect MR
  • Extending the Framework training will be conducted online with first group of participants and then information will be available on Connect MR
  • AVMR Videos are on Connect MR
Conference and Training Report - Vicki Breneman, Training and Events Director
  • Conference Key Note speakers and all session speakers are in place, with conference registration on the website
  • For the 2015 Conference we are looking at a number of possible locations and considering moving the conference to late fall
  • AVMR Course 1 and 2 trainings are increasing, especially in Wisconsin and Washington
  • We have created a hybrid type of training, where districts accept outside people into their training, which has generated positive feedback
Treasurer Report - Lynn Haden, Treasurer
  • Shared the 2013 profit and loss and balance sheet statements
  • The financial position looks very positive, with US Math Recovery Council® ending the year in the black

Board Committee Reports

Finance Committee Report
  • The Finance committee shared the 2014 Budget.
  • The Board voted to accept the 2014 proposed Budget.
  • The Board voted to approve designated funds for the following categories: program development, scholarships & awards, and the Pioneer Award.
Board Development Committee
  • The Board approved the slate of candidates for election by full membership at National Conference.
Policy Committee
  • The Board approved US Math Recovery Council® Travel and Other Expense Reimbursement Policy as presented.
Pioneer Award Committee
  • A nominee for the award has been notified, and we are awaiting the response from the nominee.
Executive Committee Report
  • The Board voted to accept the proposed draft 2013-2015 - US Math Recovery® Strategic Plan.
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