Connecting and Supporting Our Members

In keeping with our mission to empower educators to advance student mathematical thinking and success...through Math Recovery® principles, we have some additional ways to support and connect educators.

Google Groups is a way to pose a question or share a mathematical thought with the entire Math Recovery® community. You may want to use Google Groups to seek support when encountering a puzzling situation with a child or to share a new discovery. Please know that any response using this tool is sent to the entire group. Google Groups is open to all members using the following directions:

  • To get started you will need a Google Account (preferably one that is not tied to your school email)
  • Log in to your Google Account and visit on your desktop computer (mobile devices require many more steps)
  • Click Browse All
  • Click USMRC Members
  • Click the blue button that says "Join group to post"
  • Select your option in the resulting pop-up window
  • Click the blue button that says "Join this group"

In June our new Instructional Coaches will begin their work with US Math Recovery®. Mollie Gabrielson, Rapid City, South Dakota, and Jessica Finley, Spokane, Washington, will join our team. In addition to delivering Math Recovery® trainings, they will also dedicate a portion of their time to supporting our members and to providing outreach in our schools. Welcome, Mollie and Jessica!

Visit Math Recovery® on Facebook. Watch for announcements, training opportunities, and get to know fellow members of our community. Check back often as we keep you up to date on new professional development opportunities. 

Follow us on Twitter @USMathRecovery. You can read tweets from our conference at #mrconf14. We are hoping to connect our Math Recovery® followers to each other as well as other organizations and people passionate about numeracy education. 

We welcome feedback about our Facebook page, Twitter account, and Google Group conversations. Our purpose is to provide support for teachers and to listen to the needs of our members.

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