May 2014 Letter from Carolyn

Dear US Math Recovery® Members,

The 2014 US Math Recovery® Annual Conference and Meeting of Membership provided many excellent learning opportunities. As a first-time attendee wrote on the evaluation, the US Math Recovery® Conference was "not just for math, but for educators who truly reflect and relentlessly pursue the thinking of students everywhere." Our keynote speakers, Pamela Weber Harris and Dr. Jonathan Thomas, both received outstanding reviews for their energetic talks about numeracy. Ms. Harris connected mathematics at the elementary level with foundations for calculus. Dr. Thomas encouraged participants to enhance their professional noticing skills in three steps: attending, interpreting, and deciding. Pre-conference sessions with Jonathan Thomas, Kurt Kinsey, Petey MacCarty, and Christina Miller also received high praise for stimulating learning. We are grateful to the featured speakers, as well as the many presenters, for their roles in empowering educators to make a difference in numeracy education!

The inaugural Pioneer Award was presented to Dr. Bob Wright for his outstanding work in promoting children's development and teachers' understanding of mathematics. Please read the following article for more information and to view Ms. Ann Stafford's presentation of Dr. Wright's contributions at clicking here.

At our Annual Meeting of Membership, I delivered the Annual Report for 2013. A summary of the information can be viewed by clicking here. The slate of nominees for the Board of Directors was introduced. Please see the additional information in the election news and vote at (you must be logged into your account to vote). Yvette Panasowich, Chair of the Board shared reflections from the year and introduced Lynn Haden, Chair Elect. Ms. Haden recognized Ms. Panasowich for her leadership.

The Difference is You in Numeracy Education! We encourage you to like us on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter, to cast your vote for the Board of Directors, to nominate someone for the 2015 Pioneer Award, to attend a new or traditional offering at Summer Institute (, to join us at our 2015 conference, and to continue making a difference for children and teachers of mathematics.

Kind regards,
Carolyn Olijnek
Chief Executive Officer

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