February 2015 Board Meeting Summary

The US Math Recovery Council® held a regular Board Meeting on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 8:30 a. m. virtually through GoTo Training, the Chair being in the chair and the Secretary being present.

Attendance: Lynn Haden- Board Chair, Fred Reynolds - Chair-Elect; Yvette Panasowich - Past Board Chair, Eric Walker - Treasurer, Kory Obenshain - Secretary, Cathy Briand, Anne Catena, Deb Farley, Sharon Ficarra, Tricia Gessele, Lauren Simpson, David Webb

Staff: Carolyn Olijnek - CEO, Cindy Johnson - Office Manager

CEO Report

  • Reported on 2014 and meeting the Strategic Goals
  • Connect with membership
    • Reorganized and expanded ConnectMR on web site, positive feedback on newsletter communications
  • Relationship building and community presence
    • 2014 attended 7 conferences, in 2015 we plan to make over 25 conference presentations
    • Scholarships are being awarded to schools and individuals
  • Program refinement and development
    • Program staff is adjusting activities and gathering feedback to enhance training
    • Number of Champions has positive increase over 3 years, AVMR 1/ AVMR 2 increasing in numbers served
    • Added formalized Leader cohort and support for current Leaders-in-training
    • Studying and working with Dr. Bob Wright

Board Development Report: Fred Reynolds, BD Chair

BDC presented the slate and facilitated a discussion around the Treasurer position, designating board members as non-MR and MR and use of conference to gather prospective board members.

Finance Committee Report: Eric Walker, Treasurer

  • Reported on the Financial Statements. 2014 was an excellent year.
  • Great initiatives and systems are being created for 2015, monthly summary posted on haiku for board members.

Policy Committee Report: Kory Obenshain, Policy Chair

Policy Committee has been undertaking the bi-annual policy review. Next the committee will look at Articles of Incorporation next and possible revisions to the Bylaws & Constitution including Board composition and what constitutes a majority.

Pioneer Award Committee: Cathy Briand, Pioneer Chair

2015 award will be presented at the conference in October. Will be looking for nominees at the 2015 conference.

Executive Committee: Lynn Haden, Chair of the Board

Have had fewer meetings due to more time being spent in committee work. Thank you to Yvette Panasowich for her service; this was her last meeting.

Next steps:
Audit Review is April 27. The Executive Committee and Finance Committee will participate. It is open to all Board members.

The General meeting adjourned at 12:20 CST p.m. The Closed session adjourned at 1:25 CST p.m.

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