Twitter Chat Returns in August

Please note we will not have a Twitter Chat in July; however, we will meet again August 18th at 8:00 PM CST. We hope you all enjoy your summer months with friends and family and look forward to our August 18th chat. As we all prep to begin a new school year, join us Tuesday, August 18th at 8:00pm CST at #USMRCchat.

Questions to be addressed include:

Q1: How has your Math Recovery/AVMR training changed the way you prep for a new school year? What tips do you offer other teachers?
Q2: How can your instructional approach be applied flexibly to a whole class or small groups of learners as needed?
Q3: What steps can you take to ensure that any gaps students come into the school year with are acknowledged and/or addressed?
Q4: How can you provide each student a mixed diet, with plenty of inquiry mode, and some regular rehearsal mode in a class?
Q5: What topics or issues would you like to discuss and/or what questions would you like to ask in future chats as we continue to connect and grow during the school year?

Read June's Twitter Chat Conversation at

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Math Recovery Twitter Chat June 16th
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