Renew your Math Recovery® Specialist, Math Recovery® Leader, and Add+VantageMR® Champion Certifications

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What qualifies as a Continuing Education requirement?

  1. Attend a Math Recovery® Conference
  2. Participate in a Math Recovery® sponsored event
  3. Organize a professional learning experience of at least eight hours such as a Red Book study or a study of one aspect of the Learning Framework in Number with other Math Recovery® Specialists, Leaders and/or Champions. Send one detailed description of your plan, a list of members attending and a statement detailing how you envision the experience to deepen the groups' knowledge of Math Recovery assessment and instruction to Christina Miller at Upon approval of your plan, begin. Once completed, send one letter highlighting ways in which the professional learning experience deepened the groups' knowledge.

Join with Math Recovery® Community colleagues within your own district or in a neighboring district!

Need to join with members of the Math Recovery® community outside of your district to meet certification requirements? We are organizing groups in October! Several members reached out last spring. Contact Christina Miller at with questions or to express interest.

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