US Math Recovery® Welcomes New Employees!

US Math Recovery® is pleased to announce some additions to our team this fall.

Dale Loomer is our Finance and Operations Manager. Dale is an accountant who handles and oversees invoicing and accounts payable, along with other financial and operational matters. He cheerfully wears many hats as needed to adjust to our workflow and lends a hand wherever needed.

Sandra Meyer, our Chief Operations Officer, provides oversight for financial and operational decisions and staff management. Sandra's background is helpful in fine-tuning and building efficient systems, while maintaining our commitment to high-quality program offerings. She has just completed her first Add+VantageMR® course and is inspired by first-hand experience with the impactful Math Recovery® programs.

Samantha Ackermann provides Training and Office Support. Samantha is working with Leaders and Champions to schedule trainings and assist with website and member-related questions. She has also completed her first Add+VantageMR® course and is enthusiastically putting her learning to use with her niece.

Dina Mendola has joined our Instructional Coach team. Dina has Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist, Add+VantageMR®, and Champion certifications and is working towards her Leader designation. She is passionate about supporting educators in the learning and implementation of Math Recovery® programs.

In 2016, US Math Recovery® will also welcome a Production Assistant, Program Writer, and Program Support and Implementation Writer. Our expanded team looks forward to serving you. Together, we open doors to transforming numeracy instruction!

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