February 2016 Letter from Carolyn

Dear US Math Recovery® Members,

Recently I heard a teenager promote an upcoming event by stating that last year's retreat was the "most impactful experience of my whole entire life." I smiled at both her enthusiasm and how old I felt when struck by the difference in the sizes of our "whole entire lives." Despite our age disparity, we shared a very important connection in that moment, the desire for continuous learning and personal growth.

In the same spirit, our staff is learning, growing, and preparing for an incredible 2016 and beyond. Please note two important highlights:

Fractions book and program are coming!
Our team is reading, working with students, writing, and preparing professional development to coincide with SAGE Publications' Developing Fractions Knowledge by Hackenberg, Norton, and Wright. For your initial planning purposes, we will pilot and launch our first courses in the fall of 2016, with leadership programs and in-district kits to follow in early 2017. We will share more details soon.

Continuous Learning...Connecting the Dots Between Research and Practice
The 2016 US Math Recovery® Conference has been aptly themed Continuous Learning...Connecting the Dots Between Research and Practice. It will feature another all-star lineup of author and member speakers. Please watch for details under the conference tab of our website. We hope you can join us October 24-27, 2016, in Bloomington, MN. With the release of fractions, the whole conference will inspire new learning and growth!

Being part of the Math Recovery® community continues to be one of the most impactful experiences in my life. Thank you for the energy, commitment, and support you bring to others every day!

In closing, Mrs. O'Brien's (Massachusetts) words capture the enthusiasm for continuous learning and echo the words of many in our community. "I feel like the work that Math Recovery has put out has been one of the greatest gifts to my teaching. I FINALLY feel like I am teaching the child exactly what they need to know. I have seen students unable to count items, then a few short weeks later, fit right into the classroom adding and subtracting with ease! Their confidence among their peers and within math instruction is the best benefit of all! Thank you so so much for your support!!!"

Warm wishes,

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