Connecting the Dots Between Research and Practice: Empowering Educators

In a survey conducted by Castle Worldwide on behalf of the US Math Recovery® Council, about 80% of course participants indicated that they use Math Recovery® assessment results in their teaching at least monthly, with nearly 30% indicating daily use, n=313. Assessment-informed instruction and intervention live at the core of Math Recovery®!

Please share your data and stories with us. To submit a narrative response or story, email Math Recovery® Intervention Specialists may enter their student data online directly into their Math Recovery® accounts at

Read what course participants are saying...

I loved this course. I would love to take the next round. AVMR [Add+VantageMR®] really makes me think about math differently. I would love to use these assessments on my "high" kids and really see how they think. I am sure I will learn a lot and be surprised by some of their compensation strategies! - AVMR Course 1, MA

OUTSTANDING! So much to take away from both courses. There are things that I can use with my entire class, and activities to help my struggling students that have gaps. - AVMR Course 2, WI

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