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Register today! Plan on attending the US Math Recovery® 2016 National Conference & Annual Business Meeting held October 24-27, 2016, in Bloomington, MN.

Engage in professional development designed for all mathematics educators to deepen your knowledge around numeracy education. Please visit our website for full conference details.

Time is running short to register for Add+Vantage MR® Fractions: Strategies for the Classroom. If you know of anyone waiting to register for this exclusive opportunity, encourage them to register now as we are close to reaching our max capacity limit of 100 registrants.

Here is what conference attendees had to say about the 2015 Annual Conference:

  • Bob Wright - authentic, teacher at heart, and just wanting his audience to think and get better for children.
  • The content and process used to help us both understand and experience what it means to develop deep understanding of a concept, and how a child goes from tentative to confident, was brilliant. Mr. Martland was exceptional in every way. This session alone was worth every dollar spent to attend.
  • Wow! What an inspiration Ann Stafford-Dillon is for all educators! Her passion is contagious and heart-warming.
  • Fantastic! I feel so very blessed to have had this opportunity to listen to one of the founders of MR. To hear this vast amount of knowledge from such a humble and prestigious person was an opportunity of a lifetime!
  • The topic of fractions is so vast, it is wonderful to see the research pulled together for a complete look at fractions.
  • Thank you for bringing the Red Book and new research alive!
  • What a wonderful experience for all Math Recovery members. I am excited to work with the structuring number materials!
  • Wow! I have no words for how wonderful and eye opening this session was. It showed us how important it is to step back and look at things from the children's view. Needless to say, I will never look at multiplication the same again.
  • This not only will make me take a harder look at my own teaching, but also provides us with some good things to add to our AVMR and MRIS trainings. Some good focus points.
  • Highlighting again the need for teachers to understand guiding principles of MR. Looking to develop an observation tool for class teachers to peer moderate lessons using this- thank you!
  • Very motivating and inspirational...a true leader.
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