June 2016 Letter from Carolyn

Dear US Math Recovery® Members,

Earlier this year we engaged the services of Castle Worldwide to evaluate our programs and to conduct a survey of membership. From a random sample of course attendees just over 300 people participated in the survey. Additionally, about 100 Champions and Leaders responded. Thank you to the many participants; your responses provide affirmation and direction for our future efforts!

If you are reading this, you likely “drank the Math Recovery® Kool-Aid,” which positively impacts your core and intervention instruction. We can celebrate over 86% of respondents being mostly or completely satisfied with our courses. This stands in stark contrast to the 29% satisfaction rate among teachers with regard to professional development offerings found by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation study in 2014. To achieve the greatest possible transfer of the math professional development into practice, we are developing a system of support modules for participants after training. The quality professional development, assessments, connections to research, analysis and reflection collectively add to the educator’s toolbox for math intervention and core instruction.

Continue your learning journey at the 2016 US Math Recovery® National Conference in October. The conference will feature speakers on a variety of numeracy topics, including whole number and fractions. Check out the outstanding lineup at http://www.mathrecovery.org/2016-national-conference. Our fall fractions course is nearly full; register very soon to guarantee a spot.

Thank you for your dedication to educators, children, and learning. May summer provide time for personal and professional renewal!

Warm wishes,

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