Connecting the Dots Between Research and Practice: Empowering Educators

In a survey conducted by Castle Worldwide on behalf of the US Math Recovery® Council, over 68% of course participants indicated that they engage in professional conversations related to course material and student results at least monthly, n=307. Join our conversations by sharing your story or by participating in our monthly Twitter Chat (to resume September 20).

Please share your data and stories with us. To submit a narrative response or story, email Math Recovery® Intervention Specialists may enter their student data online directly into their Math Recovery® accounts at

Read what course participants are saying...

"Thank you for creating the Math Recovery programs! I love how there is a clear progression of learning that you make visible to the teacher. I love how there are countless resources (books, website, activities, contact with instructors) that provide the teacher with endless possibilities; I no longer feel like there are roadblocks with those "tricky" kids. I love how there is a common language among teachers that directly relates to the individual child!"Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist, MA

"These two courses [Add+VantageMR® Course 1 and 2] have been great professional development for me as a learning support educator. The students I teach have gaps in understanding, and now I feel more confident, and have the tools to meet their needs." AVMR Course 2, OH

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