US Math Recovery Council® National Conference

The US Math Recovery Council® 2016 National Conference was a huge success! We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from the original developers of the Math Recovery® programs, along with Dr. Amy Hackenberg and Dr. Anderson Norton, the authors of Developing Fraction Knowledge. It was a wonderful week of gathering colleagues together for high-level discussions, garnering ideas from each other, and networking with others from around the world. Please read the quotes below pulled from our conference evaluations.

  • “The keynote and breakout sessions really helped solidify my thinking and deepen my understanding. I also appreciated the time to collaborate with others around the country. I am always amazed by the level of conversation and the willingness to both participate and continue to learn together.”
  • “The Fractions class was powerful and the other fraction pieces throughout the conference were great! Getting back to the root of Math Recovery® through the settings was awesome! Just what I needed. Fabulous and very knowledgeable presenters. Continued education for AVMR teachers and connecting with parents was much needed! Fabulous all around! Can’t wait for next year!”
  • “Most beneficial was learning from the ‘masters!’ Everyone was so knowledgeable and so easy to approach with questions. I went home with new insights, new information, new ideas and renewed energy for my work.”
  • “The high quality of sessions, the incredibly high level of discussion each session generated and the awakening of ideas both old and new garnered from networking were all extremely beneficial to my role as instructional coach and in my new MRIS journey.”
  • “I benefitted from the mix of opportunities to deepen my understanding of theory and practice, to analyze instructional practice and student thinking, and to learn from one another’s instructional journeys. I also appreciated the professionalism and attention to detail in Carolyn’s annual report. I better understand where we are as an organization and where we are headed.”

If you attended the 2016 conference and did not have a chance to fill out your evaluations, please feel free to submit them now. We will leave the evaluation browser open through November.

2017 ANNOUNCEMENT: Please check our web page for the most current announcement regarding the 2017 conference. Read our monthly newsletters for future information on conference topics, submitting your speaker proposal and timelines for registration. The 2016 conference closed early due to overwhelming number of attendees. Register early for 2017!

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