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Read what course participants are saying…

"This course was very well facilitated and applicable to my work with students and teachers. The information given transcends a particular curriculum or program and gets into how students really learn and understand mathematics. Every teacher of math should take these courses!" -AVMR 1, MI

"This course was very specific and meaningful to guide me to a better understanding of how to teach math and assess my students. I feel stronger in my ability to know exactly where my students are in their understanding of the math concepts. Other courses I have attended have provided good materials but had not gone further in depth to helping me to notice and be more aware of how each student is learning math and what level each student is at." -AVMR 1 KY

"This was a great course. I wish all teachers at my school could take it." -AVMR 2, CO

"This course was a real eye opener for me! Especially on development of number sense verses memorization. I believe it is a real game changer on how we can assist students with number sense and stronger math knowledge. Not just to solve problems but to apply that knowledge to real life situations. I believe students will be more confident and more willing to try different ways to solve problems and then defend their answers." -AMVR 2, MI

"These AVMR courses provide us with such valuable information about what students need as foundational skills. Determining the contract a student is in allows for teachers to meet the needs of students exactly where they are at and we were given the tools and materials to execute it immediately in our classroom with our students. The benefit of these courses cannot be overstated." -AVMR 2, WA

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