Opportunities Abound for Deepening your Math Recovery® and Add+VantageMR® Knowledge

Pre-conference sessions at the 2017 USMRC Conference offer something for everyone. Whether you are a classroom teacher, an intervention specialist, or someone who is wanting to learn more about what the US Math Recovery Council® has to offer, there is a session for you!

Choose one or more of the following 4 pre-conference sessions:

  • Go to the source by attending the session led by Dr. Bob Wright and Petey MacCarty, Math Recovery® Intervention with First-Graders. This session will allow you to take a journey through MRIS teaching, deepening and refining what you have already learned, and just maybe adding a few new ideas.
  • Strengthen your classroom and small group Math Talks using a Math Recovery® lens by attending Christina Miller's pre-session, Math Recovery® Strategies in the Classroom: Number Talks! Christina will help you be strategic with your use of Math Talks and AVMR data.
  • If you have completed USRMC's new AVMR Fractions Course, you might be looking for extending your learning to include operations with fractions. If so, sign up for Bridging Conceptual Understanding to Operations with Fractions, led by Jenni Scholla.
  • Anyone looking for a thorough description of Math Recovery® and Add+VantageMR® programs; how to best get started with any of the USRMC courses; or ways to sustain your Math Recovery®/AVMR initiative will find a wealth of information during the free awareness session offered Monday afternoon, October 23, 2017.

You can register for this year's pre-conference sessions by clicking on the registration link.

We hope to see you there!

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