Electronic Student Data Entry and Student Data Reports

If you haven't tried it yet, you will want to enter your student intervention data through the US Math Recovery® website. Data entry is quick and easy. It allows you to enter student data for both small group and one-on-one intervention data, for students in kindergarten through 9th grade and beyond, and up to 4 assessment interviews per student per year.

You begin by logging into your dashboard on www.mathrecovery.org. Once you are logged in choose the "Student Data" option from the list on the left of your screen (see the screenshot below).

Student Data Screenshot

After entering the data for one student, you can choose to temporarily store the data by selecting "Save & Finish Later", the blue button. When you are satisfied with the data you have entered, you can go ahead and select "Submit Data to Math Recovery®", the red button. Be forewarned that you cannot go back and edit the student data once you select the red "Submit" button. The advantage of the "Save and Finish Later" button is you can enter data throughout the school year, using the blue button for each time you enter data for the student, and finalize the student's data by selecting the red button at the end of the school year.

Save and Finish Later Screenshot

Once you have submitted your student data by having selected the red button you now have the ability to export the data to a spreadsheet by generating a report. You can find the "Generate Report" button on the upper right side of your "Student Data" screen. When you select "Generate Report" a file will be downloaded. This file will open as a spreadsheet giving you full access to the data.

Generate Report Screenshot

Entering the data should be fairly simple and straightforward, but if you run into any problems, please contact Petey MacCarty at petey@mathrecovery.org.

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