What Teachers are Saying

"Hands down, this is the most applicable and exciting teacher training I have ever had! I feel empowered to be able to really effect student's understanding of not just how to do math, but how numbers and math work!" (AVMR 2, Ludington, MI)

"By far, one of the best ever! All of the information is useful in the classroom. I loved how the materials we received go right along with the course and can help guide our instruction in the classroom. The tests are quick for the handful of students that need extra help." (AVMR 2, Ludington, MI)

"I personally like the online collaboration and webinars getting info directly from your team. The technology was pretty easy to use and effective. I like the way the modules were designed broken up into steps with links and resources available a click away." (Fractions, Apple Valley, MN)

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