2018 Board Slate Vote - Your Vote Counts!

The Board Development Committee, on behalf of the US Math Recovery® Board of Directors, is pleased to introduce the 2018 Slate of Nominees for the membership's vote. Membership will vote either yes or no on the entire slate, not on individual candidates. We have worked hard vetting the recommendations received to create the slate with consideration to the specific skills and expertise of the individuals who will be responsible to shepherd the organization's future growth, capacity and sustainability.

Please review the 2018 Slate of Nominees below. It takes one vote. Members vote whether to accept or reject the entire slate of candidates. Voting will be open from March 6, 2018 through March 21, 2018. Please log into your Math Recovery® account to cast your vote by visiting http://www.mathrecovery.org/votes. We appreciate your vote as a member of the Math Recovery® community.

New Board Member Nominee Slate:

John Loehr image

John Loehr Minneapolis, MN

John is the founder of Evoque Business Consulting, where he creates business strategy, marketing and sales plans, develops communications and assess acquisition targets for consumer products companies. He has held leadership positions at Crystal Farms and The Schwan Food Company, successfully running businesses in several different food categories. He has experience growing established national brands in addition to launching new ones, both driven by a desire for innovation.

John received his B.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an M.B.A. from the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota.

Elizabeth Jean Bingham image

Elizabeth Jean Bingham - Barbourville, KY

Jean is currently a Math Intervention Teacher. She became a Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist in 2006, an Add+VantageMR® Champion and Math Recovery® SNAP facilitator in 2007, and a Math Recovery® Leader in 2008. She has provided Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist trainings, Add+VantageMR® and Math Recovery® SNAP trainings for districts in Kentucky. Jean has worked with the Kentucky Center for Mathematics as a professional development facilitator across the state. She has also worked with the Kentucky Department of Education on several math projects.

Jean received her B.A. in Early Elementary Education, M.A. in English and Communication, and Rank I in Supervision from Union College in Barbourville, KY.

Steve Johnson image

Dr. Steve Johnson, CPA, CITP

Steve began his career in public accounting, and has held numerous positions since, including the Chief Financial Officer for a financial services firm, the owner of a public accounting firm, the V.P. for a large regional financial institution, a consultant and an educator. Steve is currently an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Minnesota State University, Mankato, where he teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. His research is focused on business intelligence, specifically in the areas of employee engagement, leadership and customer loyalty. He also maintains a small consulting practice, Canopy Research Group, that focuses on helping clients use data to make better business decisions. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, reading, and building furniture. He and his wife, Elissa, reside in North Mankato with their two pups, Willow and Luna.

Jonathan Thomas image

Jonathan Thomas, ED.D.

Jonathan is an Assistant Professor, Elementary Mathematics Education at University of Kentucky. His research is in the areas of Teacher Noticing, Quantitative Imagery, and Learning Trajectories, and he has twice received funding from the National Science Foundation to conduct studies in these areas. He is currently serving as the lead investigator on a multi-institutional team focused on better supporting children's growth in early algebraic thinking. He is also interested in many other aspects of teaching and learning including child-teacher interaction patterns and the nature of educational policymaking. Prior to his UK faculty appointment, he served as a mathematics intervention specialist working with struggling elementary and middle-grades students in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and during this time was immersed in Math Recovery® professional development experiences including MRIS, AVMR, and several advanced courses at summer institutes.

Dr. Thomas earned his doctorate in Mathematics Education, at the University of Cincinnati. He has a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Kentucky and a M.Ed. in educational leadership also from the University of Cincinnati.

Amy Paladino image

Amy Paladino

Amy is a math specialist, coach, and team leader for the School District of Cudahy in Wisconsin. She will be completing a mentoring/coaching certificate at Cardinal Stritch University in the spring. She is an Instructional Specialist in the Math/Science Education Research department of UW-Milwaukee and a district advisor and participant in the Core Math Partnership. Amy received her Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist certification in 2012 and became an AVMR Champion in 2013. She has trained multiple AVMR I and II courses within her district.

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