2020 Tuition Assistance Awards

2020 Tuition Assistance Awards

Did you know we offer Tuition Assistance Awards? You can apply to have the cost of your tuition covered for yourself or your district - whether you're new to Math Recovery or you've already got some courses under your belt!

We have two awards that are closing in less than a month:

Leadership Award - Take MRSp 1 Leader course. Closes 2/10/20 https://www.mathrecovery.org/leadership-award

Large District AVMR Champion Award - Available to large school districts (enrollments of 15,000+ K-12) for three individuals to take our AVMR Champions award. Closes 2/10/20 https://www.mathrecovery.org/large-district-avmr-champions-award

Please be sure to read the prerequisites required for these specific awards. The Tuition Assistance Award does not cover flight or hotel fees. See all of the awards throughout the year here: https://www.mathrecovery.org/awards

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