New Virtual Assessment Guidelines for Add+Vantage® Course 2

Virtual guidelines are now available for Add+VantageMR Course 2 assessments when an in-person assessment is not an option.

Guidelines for Math Recovery Specialist, Part 1 will be released next week. Guidelines for MRIS, Add+VantageMR Fractions, and Math Recovery Specialist, Part 2 will be released by the end of September.

Accessing AVMR Course 2 Virtual Guidelines
The virtual guidelines and supporting documents, found in the AVMR Course 2 folder on ConnectMR, provide guidance as you embark on your journey to assess students remotely using virtual platforms. In the folder you will find:

  • AVMR Course 2 Virtual Guidelines: These guidelines provide USMRC recommendations for assessing students virtually to maintain the teacher?s ability to accurately administer, code, and analyze AVMR assessments.
  • AVMR 2 Multiplication & Division Tasks with Materials: This PowerPoint slide deck is provided for the tasks in the Multiplication and Division Assessment that involve materials if using 2 devices is not feasible.
  • AVMR 2 Place Value Written Tasks: This PowerPoint slide deck includes all written tasks in the AVMR Place Value Assessment. Usage details are included in the slide notes.
  • AVMR2 PV Bundling Sticks Tasks: This PowerPoint slide deck is provided for use in the rare event using the actual bundling sticks and screen is unfeasible. Each task is presented as a series of slides. Guidance for use and what to say to the student are included in the notes section of each slide. Whenever possible, please use the actual bundling stick setting.
  • One Device Option for PV Covered Tasks: This document provides details for using a cookie sheet and magnets to present the bundling stick items using only one device.
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