Pre-order NEW Math Recovery Texts

New Math Recovery Texts

Math Recovery® is excited to announce two new publications in the Math Recovery Series. These two publications reach a target audience for educators in special education and are available for pre-order in the Math Recovery Store as individual books or as a bundle.

A must-have resource for all special educators, Numeracy for All Learners is a wide-ranging overview of how Math Recovery theory, pedagogy, and tools can be applied meaningfully to special education to support learners with a wide range of educational needs. It builds on the first six books in the Math Recovery series and presents knowledge, resources, and examples for teachers working with students with special needs form Pre-K through secondary school.

Teaching Early Numeracy to Children with Developmental Disabilities is a guide for teaching numeracy to children with a developmental disability and is based on core concepts from the landmark Mathematics Recovery® text Teaching Number (aka 'the green book') that has been adapted for children with developmental disabilities for use in a structured teaching program. This book is recommended for educators who work with students who have developmental, intellectual, or cognitive disabilities.

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