MiSTEM Empower Teachers Covid-19 Response


MiSTEM and USMRC Collaboration

We are excited to announce a collaboration with MiSTEM Network to make available to teachers and parents a collection of resources to support teaching and learning mathematics. Thanks to this effort between MiSTEM Network and the US Math Recovery Council®, there are now expanded resources for use in a virtual school setting within ConnectMR for anyone certified in a Math Recovery® course.

Resources can be found within course folders in ConnectMR in folders titled Virtual Resources. The resources include:

  • Guidance for how to use the USMRC related materials in hybrid and remote learning environments.
  • Guidance for teacher and families on how to use the released materials with students at home.
  • Guidance for AVMR Champions to support professional learning materials in implementing Math Recovery in the context of the 2020-2021 school year in hybrid and remote learning settings.

These resources help bring clarity for Add+VantangeMR® Champions, teachers, and parents on how to best use the resources provided by USMRC, as well as provide professional learning resources that support educators? implementation of Math Recovery aligned materials within a variety of instructional implementation contexts in the 2020-21 school year.

This project is part of MiSTEM COVID Response grant funding. These resources were developed to respond to the digital teaching needs of the COVID-19 impacts on instruction. Parent resources will be made available through the Community Resource Hub soon.

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