Lake Erie College in Ohio to offer AVMR 1 Course

2022 Math Recovery National Conference

US Math Recovery Council is excited to be offering courses with Lake Erie College, a higher education institution in Painesville, Ohio.

Lake Erie College, the College of Education, will be offering Add+VantageMR® Course 1 to pre-service teachers beginning in October. The pre-service teachers will in turn provide tutoring services to local students several times a week. The program is newly created through a grant LEC received from the State of Ohio.

Jenn Miller is the Director of Professional Development & Graduate Outreach within LEC's School of Education. "After hearing about the (USMRC) philosophy, I was sold on us pursuing this as a resource and offering to districts," she said. "It fit right into the afterschool tutoring grant we received."

Jenn was a teacher for 17 years previous to her position at Lake Erie College. "Having access to something like Math Recovery would have changed my approach as a math teacher," Jenn said. "For our students to have this understanding about teaching math will shift the future of math education."

More About Add+VantageMR® Courses

These professional development courses focus on early numeracy development. Add+VantageMR® (AVMR) supports elementary educators, special education instructors, math interventionists, and math coaches in diagnosing and advancing student understanding and numeracy development. The assessment, data collection, and teaching tools are designed to accelerate the ability of educators to recognize students' current levels of numeracy understanding to make data-driven instructional decisions.

Learn more about AVMR courses.

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