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Empowering educators in fractions concepts

About This Course

Add+VantageMR® Fractions: Math Recovery® Strategies for the Classroom explores the difficulties many students have making sense of fractions. Add+VantageMR® Fractions supports teachers in understanding this complex numeracy topic with the goal of facilitating student advancement in fractions concepts.

Who is this course for?

This course provides educators with in-depth professional development to further their knowledge, and skills in the assessment and teaching of fractions. This course is designed to support elementary, middle, and high school educators, special educators, math interventionists, and math coaches with the assessment and teaching of fractions concepts.

Blended Learning Professional Development

Add+VantageMR® Fractions: Math Recovery® Strategies for the Classroom is a 3-month long, interactive, blended learning course which includes independent learning activities, as well as, a series of team meetings. Course topics include diagnostic assessments in fractions concepts and units coordination. Working with students throughout the duration of the course is essential to the expected professional learning. The use of the assessments, data collecting, and teaching tools will accelerate the ability of educators to recognize students' current levels of numeracy understanding to make data-driven instructional decisions. During Add+VantageMR® Fractions educators will be involved in rich discussions around student mathematical thinking.

There are no prerequisite courses for Add+VantageMR® Fractions: Math Recovery® Strategies for the Classroom.

Add+VantageMR® Fractions Testimonials

For any individual seeking to broaden their understanding of the world of fractions and how to assess and teach it, I would highly recommend this course. The instructor's professionalism and extensive knowledge of both pedagogy and the mathematical content make them an invaluable resource for both children and adults alike.

Special Education Teacher Sheridan, WY

This has been a very valuable class. I wish all elementary teachers were required to have such impactful instruction.

Classroom Teacher Sheridan, WY

I like the blended environment with a mix of individual tasks and the virtual meetings. I especially found the interactive modules to be helpful in deepening my understanding!

Interventionist Apple Valley, MN

Thank you for making this course possible. I truly feel like this and the other AVMR courses has made me a better teacher.

Classroom Teacher Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Thank you for all the extras that you put into creating this class! It was well done! The instructors were knowledgeable and engaging!

District Math Coach Apple Valley, MN

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Attend In District

$395 per participant + shipping & handling
  • Delivered by in district Champion
  • Approximately 12 Weeks of Professional Development
  • Includes Independent Learning Modules
  • Flexible Face to Face / Virtual Professional Development
  • On-going Support
  • One Year of US Math Recovery Council® Membership
  • No Minimum Participants

Attend Online

$995 per participant
  • Delivered by Math Recovery® Champion
  • Approximately 12 Weeks of Professional Development
  • Includes Independent Learning Modules
  • Virtual Collaboration & Professional Development
  • On-going Support Options Available
  • One Year of US Math Recovery Council® Membership
  • No Minimum Participants

Upcoming Sessions

September 14, 2020 - December 7, 2020

05:00 PM

Virtual Course
Champion: Christy Lyle

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September 15, 2020 - December 8, 2020

03:00 PM

Virtual Course
Champion: Christy Lyle

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September 15, 2020 - December 8, 2020

05:00 PM

Virtual Course
Champion: Christy Lyle

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Can we host an Add+VantageMR® Fractions course?
There is not an on-site option for this course, unless the district has a own in-district Add+VantageMR® Fraction Champion. The course is delivered in a blended format via online self-paced modules and ten live 90-minute professional development sessions online spread out over ten to twelve weeks.
Can Math Recovery recommend a textbook series for my school or distrct?
As a professional development organization, we do not write textbook series nor do we provide recommendations on textbook series. We believe strongly in the professional development opportunities we provide and have seen these efforts translate to success regardless of the textbook series being used. We believe that a well-educated teacher makes the difference in textbook series implementation.
Does this course come with a free membership?
Participants will receive 150 days of free Math Recovery® membership from the start of the course.
What if a participant needs to miss a day of the professional development?
The teacher should not enroll or sign up for this course. We are very strict and tight on attendance during the training days and the importance of attending all days.
When is Add+VantageMR® Fractions courses typically offered through the US Math Recovery Council®?
The US Math Recovery Council® typically has Add+VantageMR® Fractions course beginning in September and January during the school year. Look for registration information during the spring and fall leading up to the start dates.
What can I expect time-wise as a weekly commitment while enrolled in Add+VantageMR® Fractions?
You can expect 90 mins of online collegial meetings with approximately an additional 60 - 90 mins a week that includes self-paced on-line learning modules, course reading, and time to implement assessments and instructional activities with students.
Can I take Add+VantageMR® Fractions with a colleague?
Of course, learning with others is always a great experience. To ensure and enhance your own learning you must have your own dedicated space and computer during the 90 minute online professional development sessions.
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