Add+VantageMR® Course 2

Expanding and deepening understanding of numeracy concepts

About This Course

Add+VantageMR® Course 2: Assessment Guided Instruction professional development focuses on deepening participant knowledge and understanding of the mathematical development for all students. Educators develop an understanding of student learning to facilitate student advancement in place value and multiplication and division.

Who is this course for?

This course extends the learning done in Add+VantageMR® Course 1, and is designed to support elementary educators, special education educators, math interventionists, and math coaches in diagnosing and advancing student understanding in place value and multiplication and division.

Four Days of Professional Development

Add+VantageMR® Course 2 is a four-day course that includes dynamic, diagnostic assessments of multiplication and division strategies and place value understanding. The assessment, data collection, and teaching tools are designed to accelerate the ability of educators to recognize students' current levels of numeracy understanding to make data-driven instructional decisions. During this professional learning opportunity participants will be actively involved in rich discussions around students' mathematical thinking.

Add+VantageMR® Course 2 may be delivered as four consecutive days or over a longer period of time. Add+VantageMR® Course 1 is a prerequisite to taking Add+VantageMR® Course 2.

Add+VantageMR® Testimonials

This is the best professional development opportunity I have taken in my career. It was the best learning experience because I learned how children learn and develop mathematical skills and concepts. I feel very knowledgeable after taking this course. Thank You

Course Participant Rapid City, SD

This course was extremely beneficial to me, in how I assess, design lessons and teach students. Course 2 helped me connect a lot of the math thinking from Course 1 and from previous years of study and practice. I am looking forward to using the diagnostic assessments more and to really use the progressive mathematization to help design highly effective lessons.

Course Participant Rapid City, SD

This course was amazing! It was four days of interaction with other teachers and quality discussions. This was one of the most useful courses I have taken. It was really eye opening to the world of math and how it needs to be taught based on students' construct levels.

Course Participant Lexington, KY

I took the level 1 Math AVMR course last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. This course was also very enjoyable and I felt like I grasped the knowledge easier because of the previous learning from the first course.

Course Participant Springfield, MA

Above and beyond: combined theory and practice that I can use in my classroom tomorrow.

3rd Grade Teacher De Pere, WI

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The Syllabus

Day 1

Extending the Learning Framework in Number and understanding student progressions

Day 2

Administer videotaped assessments with students at school site: Analyze and reflect on student and educator performance during the assessments

Day 3

Introduction on the teaching and learning cycle: Combining assessment and instruction to promote student growth in Multiplication and Division

Day 4

Introduction on the teaching and learning cycle: Combining assessment and instruction to promote student growth in place value

Backed By Research

Teachers who participate in Add+VantageMR® professional development show significant improvement in instructional decision making based on student actions and explanations.

After watching two short videos of students participating in math activities, teachers responded to, "What would you say and do to help the student develop understanding of the mathematics in this situation?"4 Results found that teachers made improvements in their ability to provide helpful suggestions to students.

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Attend In District

$395 per participant + shipping & handling
  • Delivered by in district Champion
  • 4 Days of Professional Development
  • Face to Face
  • One Year of US Math Recovery Council® Membership
  • On-going Support Options Available
  • No Minimum Participants

Attend Out of District

$995 per participant
  • Delivered by Math Recovery® Champion
  • 4 Days of Professional Development
  • Face to Face
  • One Year of US Math Recovery Council® Membership
  • On-going Support Options Available

Host A Course

$995 per participant
  • Delivered by Math Recovery® Champion
  • 4 Days of Professional Development
  • Face to Face
  • One Year of US Math Recovery Council® Membership
  • On-going Support Options Available
  • Minimum of 15 Participants

Upcoming Sessions

September 30, 2020 - October 13, 2020

08:00 AM
Macomb Intermediate School District
Clinton Township, MI
Champion: Lea McAllister

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November 20, 2020 - December 4, 2020

08:00 AM

Solon, OH
Champion: Tina Silvestri Gagliano

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Are there pre-requisites for Add+VantageMR® Course 2?
Yes. Participants must first take Add+VantageMR® Course 2.
What do I need to host an Add+VantageMR® Course 2?
To hold an in-district training for Add+VantageMR® Course 2 you need 12 participants per course, a training room (with projector and high-quality audio options), 4 consecutive days, students to conduct assessments with on the afternoon of day 2 during the course, and video equipment capable of collecting and viewing video. We would send out an instructor and materials for $995 per person or $11,940 for the entire training based on 12 participants. To secure an Instructional Coach and a date to hold your training we require a signed service agreement and completing an online course proposal form. We will need a PO for the full training amount of $995 per participant six weeks before the training starts which gives us the green light to send all kits. This PO will be processed once the class begins.
Is there a discount for additional participants beyond the minimum of 12?
No. The cost is $995 per participant. The total number of participants does not affect the price.
Does this course come with a free membership?
Participants will receive 90 days of free Math Recovery® membership from the start of the course.
Is there a maximum number of participants allowed in an Add+VantageMR® course?
We attempt to cap all Add+VantageMR® Courses at 24 participants. If a training exceeds 24, the USMRC will attempt to send an additional course instructor.
Can we reach out to an Add+VantageMR® Champion from another district to conduct a course in our district?
The USMRC does not allow Add+VantageMR® Champions to provide trainings hosted by other districts, unless contracted by the USMRC to do so (Seasonal Coaches). All contracted Add+VantageMR® trainings in districts that don't have an Add+VantageMR® Champion need to be coordinated through the USMRC office. Districts without an Add+VantageMR® Champion are allowed to host participants from districts without, but again these arrangements should be made through the USMRC.
Is Add+VantageMR® a train-the-trainer professional development?
This course is not designed to be a train-the-trainer type of course. It is designed to help support the classroom teacher, intervention teacher, mathematics coach, and any other education professionals that teach mathematics.
Can Math Recovery® recommend a textbook series for my school or distrct?
As a professional development organization, we do not write textbook series nor do we provide recommendations on textbook series. We believe strongly in the professional development opportunities we provide and have seen these efforts translate to success regardless of the textbook series being used. We believe that a well-educated teacher makes the difference in textbook series implementation.
What if a participant needs to miss a day of the professional development?
The teacher should not enroll or sign up for this course. We are very strict and tight on attendance during the training days and the importance of attending all days.
Should a K-2 or primary teacher take Add+VantageMR® Course 2?
Yes, many foundational skills and concepts for multiplication, division, and place value are introduced and developed in the primary grades. It is essential to understand where primary students are headed in their mathematics education.
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