Multiplication & Division Assessment and Model Support Workshop

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December 2021 Starts Ends Virtual
Friday, December 10, 2021 01:15 PM (Eastern) 02:45 PM (Eastern) Yes

About This Workshop

Workshop is reserved for Ludlow MA District.

Workshop Details

This workshop is an opportunity to unpack the Add+VantageMR Model for Multiplication and Division. We will discuss purposeful navigation of the Add+VantageMR Multiplication and Division assessment and points that require thoughtful decision-making. We will watch, code and analyze a video recorded assessment to calibrate scoring.

Intended audience: teachers, coaches, interventionists and administrators who want to understand how to gather information to better get know students as multiplicative thinkers.

Workshop Prerequisites

Prerequisite Option 1

  1. Add+VantageMR® 2

Prerequisite Option 2

  1. Add+VantageMR® 2 Virtual

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