2023 Educator Award Winner: Kory Obenshain

2024 Kory Obenshain

We are thrilled to announce the 2023 Educator Award recipient. US Math Recovery Council’s Board of Directors received nominations from across the country, reflecting the exceptional dedication and commitment of educators to numeracy education. Following thorough and thoughtful review by the selection committee, Kory was chosen for her outstanding contributions to advancing math education and empowering both educators and students in the Albuquerque Public Schools.

Koren (Kory) Obenshain is a dedicated advocate for math education in New Mexico, particularly within the Albuquerque Public Schools. Her extensive experience spans various roles, including classroom teacher, instructional coach, and assistant principal, all geared towards elevating early numeracy education. As both an Add+VantageMR (AVMR) Champion and Math Recovery Specialist (MRSp) Leader, she has empowered hundreds of APS educators through comprehensive training initiatives. Notably, under her leadership, AVMR implementation expanded from 3 to 10 schools, including district math interventionists receiving training in AVMR. Kory continues to provide invaluable guidance and training to staff, while contributing to broader math professional development efforts.

Currently serving as a math interventionist, Kory’s dedication doesn't end with educators; she is passionate about meeting students where they are and fostering their mathematical growth. Her approach combines high expectations with personalized learning, ensuring every student receives the support and skills they need to succeed. Kory is known for going above and beyond. Whether it’s providing additional one-on-one instruction or extending support into the following school year, Kory’s mantra of "not yet" (there is never a "no" or a "not" for her when it comes to students) underscores her unwavering commitment to student progress. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Kory’s passion for transformative math education continues to leave a lasting impact on both educators and students alike.

Congratulations Kory! Math Recovery and our Board of Directors are proud to honor your achievements. We look forward to formally recognizing Kory at our next US Math Recovery Council conference in 2025.

Nominate a deserving educator for the next USMRC Educator Award by visiting www.mathrecovery.org/educator-award.

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