70th FCTM Annual Conference in Florida

70th FCTM Annual Conference in Florida

US Math Recovery is thrilled to join the Florida Council for Teachers Mathematics at its 70th Annual Conference. The conference takes place June 15 – 17 in Orlando, Florida. USMRC's Mike Busch is excited to spend the conference among hundreds of math education professionals for compelling sessions, networking opportunities, and valuable content.

Conference Presentations

You can learn more about Mike Busch's sessions during the FCTM Conference below.

Beyond Memorization: The Complex Work of Building Multiplicative Automaticity
In this session we will explore six phases of multiplication and division instruction through a learning trajectory aimed at advancing student multiplication/division skills and understanding. The session will begin with the early phase of building on emergent strategies and will end with extending multiplication and division to multi-digit factors. We will analyze a few instructional settings and decide on which phase of instruction each setting fits into.

Pedagogical Engineering: Designing Instruction to Connect Addition and Subtraction Understanding
We will examine a learning trajectory along with instructional settings aimed at advancing student understanding in addition/subtraction instruction up to 100. The session will begin with a focus on the development of essential foundational knowledge and move into strategy refinement and extension. We will spend time looking at the value of mental computation while examining student computation strategies.

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