Ready Set Math Number Icon The content of this teacher resource series is organized into modules across a range of topics for teaching and learning number concepts and skills. Topics include verbal, symbolic, and quantitative aspects of number, number relationships, mental strategies, and arithmetical operations. The development of strong number knowledge is an important goal for all students and provides the foundation for learning across other domains of mathematics.

These resources can be used to support, enhance and supplement classroom instruction across primary, intermediate, and middle school classrooms. Its intended use is for all educators, regardless of previous experiences with Math Recovery® professional development courses.

The Ready Set Math resources are grounded in the research of the Learning Framework in Number (LFIN). The LFIN represents a compilation of important research on number learning that is the heart of Math Recovery. The US Math Recovery Council (USMRC) offers a range of professional learning experiences for educators. To learn more about how the USMRC can support your Math Recovery journey, visit the website’s professional development page.

Choosing the appropriate content for your students relies on understanding the students’ current knowledge as it relates to curricular goals.

Use the Which module will meet my students’ needs? to help you select an appropriate module.

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There are several resources available to get you acclimated to Ready Set Math. You can check out the chart below, watch a video on Selecting a Module, or watch a video on Diving into a Module.

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