Sub-goal A: Know the combinations to make 5 and partitions of 5

Number pairs that go together to make 5 key combinations that become important reference points for reasoning about number relationships and developing arithmetical strategies. The instructional resources in this learning progression focus on developing fluency with these number bonds.

Home Communication and Engagement

Large Group
Instructional Activities

Let's Chat: 5-Frames
Activity 3-A-L-1
Go To Let's Chat: 5-Frames Activity

Purpose: Explore partitions of five using 5-frames

Description: Students explore partitions of five with the support of a 5-frame.

I Spy 5-Frames
Activity 3-A-L-2

Purpose: Develop mental models with combinations of 5 using 5-frames

Description: Students develop mental models of combinations of 5 with 5-frames.

What’s Hiding? Combos of 5
Activity 3-A-L-3

Purpose: Explore combinations of 5 with materials

Description: Students determine how many items are hiding behind the screen to determine combinations of 5.

Tic-Tac-Toe 5
Activity 3-A-L-4

Purpose: Determine a missing addend to make a total of 5

Description: Students apply what they know about combinations of 5 to play a variation of tic-tac-toe.

Small Group
Instructional Activities

Let’s Make 5
Activity 3-A-S-1
Go To Let’s Make 5 Activity

Purpose: Develop finger patterns for combinations and partitions of 5

Description: Students use finger patterns to support learning the combinations of 5.

Fill’er Up 5
Activity 3-A-S-2

Purpose: Explore combinations of five on a 5-frame

Description: Students fill a blank 5-frame to learn combinations of 5.

Make 5 on the Rack!
Activity 3-A-S-3

Purpose: Develop knowledge of combinations of five without counting by ones

Description: Students learn combinations of five using a bead rack.

How Many Left From 5?
Activity 3-A-S-4

Purpose: Develop fluency with partitions of 5 through rehearsal in a subtraction context.

Description: Students determine the difference from 5 when the subtrahend is given.

Instructional Activities

Domino Combinations of 5
Activity 3-A-I-1
Go To Domino Combinations of 5 Activity

Purpose: Practice making combinations of 5

Description: Students use dominos to make combinations of 5.

Shake It Up
Activity 3-A-I-2

Purpose: Gain facility with combinations of 5 using a 5-frame

Description: Students practice combining two numbers to make 5.

Fill’er Up 5-Frame
Activity 3-A-I-3

Purpose: Gain facility with combinations of five using a 5-frame 

Description: Students try to be the first to fill all three 5-Frames with counters as they learn combinations of 5. 

Fishing for Combos of 5
Activity 3-A-I-4

Purpose: Gain facility of combinations of 5 by finding the missing addend

Description: Students "fish" for the missing number to make combinations of 5.

Hit the 5 Bullseye: Addition
Activity 3-A-I-5

Purpose: Gain facility with combinations to 5

Description: Students practice solving combinations to 5.

Demolish the 5 Pyramid
Activity 3-A-I-6

Purpose: Practice combinations of 5 using bare numbers

Description: Students clear a pyramid of cards by making combinations of 5.

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