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US Math Recovery Council® enhances numeracy education in the classroom for K-8 educators. Elevate student learning and empower yourself, your school, or your district to transform numeracy education. Explore a comprehensive range of professional development courses designed to enhance math instruction and be a catalyst for student growth.

Math Recovery provides dynamic professional development that propels numeracy education to new heights. We understand that selecting the right path for your educators is a crucial decision. Our Transforming Numeracy Education booklet equips you with all the essential information required to evaluate if Math Recovery® aligns with your educational goals and vision.


Professional Development

Dynamic professional development redefines the way educators approach student numeracy learning. Math Recovery® offers a transformative journey that not only enhances teaching techniques but also revolutionizes educators' perspectives on fostering mathematical growth.


Ready Set Math

Incorporating Ready Set Math into your lessons not only benefits your students but also contributes to educators’ ongoing professional development. The evidence-based, digital educator resources offer powerful tools to identify students' knowledge quickly and target instruction to meet their needs.


Math Champs

Math tutoring services from our Math Champs Specialists provide live, interactive instruction to best suit students' individual needs. Math Recovery assessments and models are used to pinpoint current student understanding and to plan educational experiences for students that promote growth.

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May 23rd, 2024

Unleashing the Power of the 3 Aspects of Number

Workshop | Math Recovery® Sponsored

Achieving arithmetic mastery is attainable for every student, just as creating daily lessons that are both stimulating and accessible is within every teacher's reach.

May 21st, 2024

Using the Teaching and Learning Cycle to Develop I...

Workshop | Math Recovery® Sponsored

Participants focus on how The Learning Framework in Number provides educators with critical information to identify students’ strengths and needs to create actionable goals and measure progress.

June 4th, 2024

Add+VantageMR® Champion Virtual

Course | Math Recovery® Sponsored

The AVMR Fractions Champion Virtual course prepares Champions to conduct the course in their own district.

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