Math Recovery® Research and Effectiveness

Demonstrated to advance student success and teacher knowledge

The Math Recovery® professional development courses have been developed from more than two decades of design and development research conducted by Robert J. Wright and his colleagues. Download the white papers to learn more about research underpinnings, efficacy and effectiveness of Math Recovery®.

Research Underpinnings Efficacy and Effectiveness

Math Recovery intervention is consistent with the recommendations outlined in What Works Clearinghouse’s Practice Guide 26: Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics: Intervention in the Elementary Grades.

Math Recovery Alignment

Real Student Results

Teachers who participate in Add+VantageMR® professional development are able to effectively use our diagnostic assessment tools while anticipating learning progressions leading to student growth.

76% of Add+VantageMR® students (K-5) met or exceeded the projected growth on NWEA Mathematics Measure of Academic Progress (MAP).1

Powerful Growth

Teachers who participate in Add+VantageMR® professional development see increased mathematics percentile ranks of students throughout the school year.

Data shows improvement in the mean percentile rank of each grade level (K-5) on NWEA Mathematics Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) from Fall to spring testing sessions.2

Monitoring Student Growth

The Add+VantageMR® and Math Recovery® assessments allow teachers to routinely monitor student progress to inform instructional decision making.

A combined 86.11% of the responding teachers saw improvement in their students. Precisely 69.38% had Add+VantageMR® and Math Recovery® data to confidently report student growth.6

Improving Teacher Content Knowledge

Teachers who participate in Add+VantageMR® professional development show statistically significant improvement in teacher content knowledge.

Mean score of participants on mathematics content knowledge test increased from 70% to 79% after the completion of the Add+VantageMR® Course 1 and Add+VantageMR® Course 2.3

Improved Instructional Decision-Making

Teachers who participate in Add+VantageMR® professional development show significant improvement in instructional decision making based on student actions and explanations.

After watching two short videos of students participating in math activities, teachers responded to, "What would you say and do to help the student develop understanding of the mathematics in this situation?"4 Results found that teachers made improvements in their ability to provide helpful suggestions to students.

Long-Term Impact

Add+VantageMR® and Math Recovery® participants incorporate course content into professional discourse.

Following course completion over 68% of course participants engaged at least monthly in professional conversations related to Add+VantageMR® or Math Recovery® course content. (Source: 2016 survey conducted by Castle Worldwide on behalf of the USMRC.)1

Applicable and Engaging Professional Development

Teachers who participate in Add+VantageMR® professional development share highly favorable evaluations and reviews at the completion of the professional development.

Ninety-eight percent (98%) of the Cohort 1 teachers felt the program met their expectations.5

"We needed this. We needed help to diagnose and prescribe activities and strategies to help students."

Participation in our professional development courses improves teacher effectiveness by increasing their content and pedagogical understanding. Teachers who are actively engaged in diagnosing current student understanding and applying their knowledge of developmental learning progressions continue to enhance the effectiveness of their instruction, thereby positively impacting student growth.