Math Recovery® Memberships

US Math Recovery Council® Individual Memberships

US Math Recovery Council annual memberships provide access to asynchronous and synchronous materials and support. Content is available for each course content area and for individuals, as well as for individuals not yet enrolled in a US Math Recovery Council course. Individual memberships are available in four levels, providing various engagement levels and budget considerations. Individual memberships are ideal for educators interested in supporting their Math Recovery® practices and mathematics teaching.

Create your individual account by visiting the member page. Leveled memberships may be purchased afterward on your Dashboard by clicking on the purple "Learn More or Sign Up" button under Memberships.

Level 3 Membership includes the support all other levels, including Math Recovery®’s Learning Library, plus annual access to Math Recovery® Virtual Workshops. Workshops are 60- or 90-minute interactive opportunities to connect with other educators and Math Recovery® experts to strengthen mathematics teaching and learning, extend and refine Math Recovery® content, and support implementation of Math Recovery® professional development.
Level 2 Membership can enhance and strengthen any USMRC professional development and implementation experience. Level 2 Membership provides opportunities for on-going learning along with support resources. Included within Level 2 Membership is Math Recovery®’s Learning Library which includes a collection of course and implementation resources, as well as asynchronous learning opportunities. Virtual video-sharing sessions are also included and offer opportunities to collaborate with colleagues about AVMR and MR Specialist topics with the support of a USMRC instructor.
Level 1 Membership extends the offerings of the free membership and provides an opportunity to support mathematics education and the work of US Math Recovery Council. 100% of the fees from this membership level go to Math Recovery® scholarships and grants, along with annual voting rights for the US Math Recovery Council Board of Directors.
Free Membership allows educators and administrators to create a free Member Center account which provides access to electronic course files for all completed courses, and informational resources detailing Math Recovery® services. Additionally, members will receive our member newsletter email.
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1
Pricing $175/yr $60/yr $25/yr Free
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US Math Recovery Council® Building-Wide Memberships

An annual building-wide membership provides year-round systemic implementation support for mathematics education and intervention within your school and/or district. Building-wide memberships are available to any school or district.

Building-wide memberships for Level 2 are $500/year per building and $1000/year per building for Level 3. These are best utilized when enrolling nine or more in Level 2 or five or more in Level 3.

For more information or to purchase in building-wide memberships, please contact or call the office at 952-683-1521.


No. Memberships must be manually renewed. You will receive an alert on your USMRC dashboard when your current membership has expired. Reminders to renew are not sent to members. Your membership expiration date is always visible on your dashboard.
No. All course participants now have lifetime access to digital course files (assessments, models, teaching tool documents) through the Learning Library
All files in the old ConnectMR are now available in the new Learning Library
  • An account is created when an individual creates a log-in and password. Accounts are required to access Member Center and purchase items from the store. Accounts are complimentary. Individuals select communication preferences for individual accounts.
  • A membership is a paid feature that provides additional benefits such as support and engagement opportunities.
  • A certification acknowledges an individual is enrolled or has completed a USMRC course. Various Member Center content and features require specific certifications to access.
  • Leaders and Champions are required to have an active account to place courses online and order course kits. It is recommended that Leaders and Champions have at minimum a Level 2 membership, however, the system will recognize any paid membership.
  • Level 1 membership or higher is needed to be able to vote in board member elections.
Districts have 2 options for purchasing multiple memberships. One option is when purchasing 3 or more memberships to purchase “bulk individual memberships.” A second option is to purchase building-wide memberships. Pricing for each of these options can be found above, by contacting, or by calling the USMRC office at 952-683-1521.
Yes. Districts have access to discounted pricing through the district account. Districts can purchase bulk individual memberships (seats) or they can purchase a building-wide membership that provides membership level access to all educators in the building at a discounted rate. Memberships purchased through the district account will expire on the same day. After an initial membership purchase, additional seat purchases are prorated to keep the same expiration date.
Building-wide memberships purchased through a district account are transferrable to another educator for the remainder of the membership period.