Math Recovery® Testimonials

What Educators Are Saying.

The quality and importance of the professional development offered through the US Math Recovery Council® has been recognized by course participants upon completion and implementation.

  • My participation in this course has given me a deeper level of knowledge, theory and understanding to support, develop and coach our elementary teachers in their math instruction and intervention. I have also been able to better support our classroom teachers in planning effective intervention lessons using the classroom instructional framework and guiding principles. In addition, I have been using my videos of assessment administration and lessons as learning model to them to better develop their use and understanding of using assessment information to drive instruction.        

    Math Interventionist Apple Valley, MN
  • The ability to assess a student and work in their zone of learning. I have seen such growth in the students I have worked with. This spring I also realized the retention rate of the learning students had. It was impressive.

    Math Coach Amherst, MA
  • This will really help me in my work with special education teachers. I can use my knowledge to support students and teachers in providing instruction that is right in the ZPD of each student. The MRIS work, along with my Champion work, will really be an asset to our special education teachers. It will make me a better coach (both in instructional knowledge about math and in strategies to coach teachers) this year and for years to come. 

    Course Participant Apple Valley, MN
  • Above and beyond: combined theory and practice that I can use in my classroom tomorrow.

    3rd Grade Teacher De Pere, WI
  • This course helped me become more reflective in my teaching strategies. I also learned important activities and questions to ask my students to understand how they reason through a problem.

    Course Participant Oshkosh, WI
  • This was a great course. I wish all teachers at my school could take it.

    Math Interventionist Centennial, CO
  • By far, one of the best ever! All of the information is useful in the classroom. I loved how the materials we received go right along with the course and can help guide our instruction in the classroom. The tests are quick for the handful of students that need extra help.

    Course Participant Ludington, MI
  • This course was wonderful. I really enjoyed getting all of the background information about how students develop in their mathematical thinking. I also enjoyed being able to practice the assessments and discuss it during class.

    First Grade Teacher Eagan, MN
  • This course was extremely relevant to student achievement in math, identifying the problem areas, and addressing them. This course was so much more valuable that just about any other math training I have every received!

    Course Participant College Station, TX
  • I think this will greatly impact my teaching. Already, I can pinpoint why students are struggling with certain objectives or concepts. I now know how to teach them to gain the cognitive shift to go from one construct to another.

    Course Participant Amarillo, TX