Frequently Asked Questions


How do I create an account with Math Recovery®?
To create a new account with Math Recovery® go to and click "My Account" in the menu. Follow the appropriate prompt. Complete the form with your email and a password of your choice. Creating an account is necessary when registering for a course. Creating an account is not the same as becoming a member of Math Recovery®.
I accidentally created two accounts - now what?
It is important you maintain only one account with Math Recovery®. If you find you have created two accounts, contact
What is the cost of a Math Recovery® membership?
Level 1 memberships are $25/year, Level 2 memberships are $60/year, and Level 3 memberships are $175/year. Each level has additional benefits. You can learn more about memberships on the Memberships page.
Where can I learn more about Math Recovery®?
Please visit our website at or contact to learn more. You may also stay current with our monthly newsletter and visit us on Twitter and Facebook.


What benefits come with maintaining my membership?

Each level of membership has additional benefits. You can learn more about memberships on the Memberships page.

What can I find on "My Dashboard"?
On your dashboard, you will find the certifications you have acquired through training with Math Recovery® and information on how to keep your certifications current. You can print a certificate for AVMR courses at any time. You also have access to download and view materials related to the courses you have completed. Finally, the Message Board will alert you of newly available resources!
I am missing a certification from a course I attended. How can this be fixed?
While logged into your account, open "certifications." On the bottom right choose "Missing a Certification" and follow the prompts. A staff member will receive the message, verify the certification, and add it to your profile.
Where can I find certification renewal information?
While in ConnectMR, click "certifications" to find requirements and directions to upload evidence of recertification requirements. Once all requirements have been met, a staff member will receive the message, verify the recertification, and update your profile.
What online resources are available to members?
Current members have access to course materials for the courses they have attended, including video of assessments to review.
Are there additional professional development opportunities after completing a course?
Attend the US Math Recovery® Annual National Conference to learn about current research in how children learn numeracy and effective instructional practices. Watch for professional development opportunities on the Math Recovery® website as they are developed. The Council can also facilitate establishing or joining a cohort group for support and implementation. Find more courses in the Courses tab.
How can I be kept up to date on new information from Math Recovery®?
Sign up to receive the monthly newsletter from your account. Follow Math Recovery® on Twitter and Facebook.
How can I change my password or update my profile?
Sign into your account and choose "edit my account" from the dashboard. Here you can manage your profile, change email, passwords, and contact information.

Course Offerings

What is the Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist Course (MRIS)?

The Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist (MRIS) course is our original program. It is a yearlong course specifically designed for one-on-one intensive, dynamic and responsive intervention. A cycle for MRIS teaching is 25-30 minutes per day, 4-5 days a week, for 12-15 weeks. Intervention specialists videotape and analyze assessment and inquiry-based daily instruction (100 hours for certification), keep a reflection journal, and deliver one-on-one intervention.

Individual coaching sessions and collegial collaboration support the ten face-to-face instructional days over the course of the year. Assessment and teaching materials enhance the foundational texts:

  • Wright, R. J., Martland, J., & Stafford, A. K. (2006). Early Numeracy: Assessment for teaching & intervention (2nd ed.): SAGE Publications.
  • Wright, R. J., Martland, J., Stafford, A. K., & Stanger, G. (2006). Teaching Number: Advancing children's skills & strategies (2nd ed.): SAGE Publications.

This interventionist may choose to advance to other leadership programs that would allow a person to deliver our professional development at a reduced rate to staff within their own school district.

What is Add+VantageMR® (AVMR)?

The Add+VantageMR® (AVMR) program utilizes the same research base and learning framework as the Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist course. It was originally designed to inform classroom and small group instruction. As a result, the assessments are a bit quicker to administer, and the program includes tools for organizing the individual students' data to look at how a student fits within a group in specific skill areas. Typically, classroom teachers, teachers of ELL or SLD, and small-group interventionists take this course. An AVMR teacher may not advance to our leadership programs without MRIS.

Add+VantageMR® Course 1 and AVMR Course 2 are four days each in length, and both include assessments, models for scoring, and instructional materials and strategies which foster the educator's ability to diagnose strengths as well as to identify and implement next steps for learning. AVMR 1 is a pre-requisite for AVMR 2.

Text and Topics for Add+VantageMR® 1:

  • Wright, R., Stanger, G., Stafford, A., & Martland, J. (2015). Teaching Number in the Classroom with 4-8 Year Olds (2nd ed.): SAGE Publications.
  • Topics: Forward and Backward Number Sequences, Numeral ID, Structuring to 20, Addition and Subtraction Strategies

Text and Topics for Add+VantageMR® 2:

  • Wright, R. J., Ellemor-Collins, D., & Tabor, P. D. (2012). Developing Number Knowledge: Assessment, Teaching and Intervention with 7-11 Year Olds: SAGE Publications.
  • Topics: Place Value, including multi-digit Addition and Subtraction, and Multiplication and Division

Finding a Course

How can I find when and where courses are offered?

Please visit and select the Courses tab to view upcoming courses. Contact to inquire about upcoming courses.

How do I attend a course in another district?

If the course indicates that it is accepting out of district people, contact Staff will contact the district to make arrangements to attend the course providing space is available.

What is the cost of attending a course?

The cost of Add+VantageMR® 1, 2 and Fractions is $1050 per participant for each course. This price includes all materials and professional development provided by highly trained instructors. The cost of the Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist Part 1 is $6000 and MRSp2 is $4000 which includes all materials, coaching sessions, and face-to-face instruction and collegial meetings. For more course information and pricing contact

Are courses offered for college credit?

Currently graduate credit is available in select states. Contact your course instructor for more information and credit applications.

What can I share with other teachers after attending a training?

Math Recovery® materials are copyrighted and intellectual properties are protected. Teachers will watch a short video explaining what can be shared after completing a training and must agree to protect copyright and intellectual properties. After professional development sessions, teachers should be able to share trends observed during assessment and data collection, specific individual student strengths and weaknesses in both skills and understandings, and possible intervention ideas to advance student understanding and skills.

Copyright guidelines do not allow for individuals attending a course to instruct others on the Add+VantageMR® or Math Recovery® program upon completion of a course. Extensive Leadership course options are available.

Plan a Math Recovery® Training

How can we offer a course in our own district?

To arrange a Math Recovery® or Add+VantageMR® professional development course at your district, please contact

What are the requirements for a district to host a course?

A course must have a minimum of 12-15 participants to hold an Add+VantageMR® training or 6 to hold a Math Recovery® Intervention Specialist training. Each day is a full day of learning and participants are required to attend the complete training to receive certification for the course.