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USMRC Advancing Leadership Award

Apply to attend Add+VantageMR(1) Course 1 and Course 2 Champion or Math Recovery® Specialist Part 1 Leader

Math Recovery® Leadership Awards are open to individuals who are interested in building and supporting sustainable Math Recovery professional development and teaching initiatives in their districts.

USMRC is excited to offer tuition awards for a selection of leadership courses. Apply for the course of your choosing today.

USMRC Leadership courses prepare participants to deliver the corresponding entry level courses and supports participants in deepening and extending their knowledge of the content and pedagogy, as well as addressing coaching skills specific to each of the courses. USMRC Leaders or Champions are able to facilitate and support the corresponding course(s) in their local district for the per participant fee of the course materials - a significant savings for local districts.


Application Deadline: End of day, Sunday, April 16, 2023

Please ensure that all prerequisites have been met in order to apply for any leadership course.

Available Leadership Courses

Add+VantageMR® C1 & C2 Champion
Add+VantageMR® Champion Virtual course focuses on the necessary knowledge to provide AVMR Courses 1 & 2 professional development. Participants must have completed and received MRIS certification prior to attendance, along with completion of AVMR C1 and C2. Participants will receive the facilitation guides, materials, and videos essential for conducting AVMR C1 & C2. Participants receive support for delivering their first AVMR C1 and C2 and supporting their participants. After receiving the AVMR C1 & C2 Champion designation, participants may purchase AVMR C1 & C2 kits at a per participant fee for the course materials.

Please check out course #4022, #4023, and #4024 for specific dates and times. You must be able to attend all sessions of at least one of the course options.
Math Recovery® Specialist Part 1 Leader
Math Recovery® Specialist Leader, Part 1 (MRSp1 Leader) engages participants in a year-long professional learning experience. This experience builds a high level of expertise in Math Recovery content and pedagogy in order to deliver and support the Math Recovery Specialist professional development courses in-district at a per participant fee for the course materials. To become a MRSp1 Leader, successful completion of Math Recovery Specialist, Part 1 (MRSp1) is required.

The MR Leader course for Math Recovery Specialist Part 1 (MRSp1 Leader) professional development experience consists of face-to-face training, monthly virtual cohort meetings, asynchronous learning opportunities, and on-going support for delivering an MRSp1 course.

Please check out course #4144 for specific dates and times. You must be able to attend all sessions of at least one of the course options.

Why Should I Apply?

Both AVMR Champion and Math Recovery Leader courses are year-long professional development experience that provide long-term professional development opportunities for educators and sustainable professional development for district-wide initiatives. AVMR Champion prepares the educator to teach AVMR 1 and AVMR 2 within the district. Math Recovery Leader prepares the educator to teach Math Recovery Specialist within the district.

Who Should Apply?

Educators who would like to teach and certify other local educators in AVMR Course 1 and Course 2 should apply for AVMR Champion. If you would like to teach and support colleagues with Math Recovery Specialist Part 1, please apply for Math Recovery Leader. Please make sure you have completed all the pre-requisite courses before applying.

Application Deadline: End of day, Sunday, April 16, 2023.

Application Process

  • Fill out the form from the Apply Now button
    • Finalists will submit an Administrator Letter showing support for the educator taking the course. A sample Administrator Letter can be found here.
    • Administrator Letters can be submitted on the application form or by emailing them to
    • Finalists for the award may be asked to participate in a short interview

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What is Math Recovery?

Math Recovery is research-based professional development which empowers educators to advance students’ mathematical thinking and success. We do this through educator development, student assessment, and instructional strategies. Math Recovery® has three different professional development offering paths: