USMRC Presentations at CAMT 2024 in Houston

The CAMT 2024 conference will be held on July 15-17, 2024 at the George R. Brown Convention Center and Hilton Americas Hotel. Over 500 sessions will be offered during the event, with extended learning options available after the conference. US Math Recovery Council®'s Thuc-Khanh Park and Katie Leadbetter will each be presenting during the three-day conference.

Developing Multiplicative Reasoning to Learn Basic Facts Beyond Memorization
Thuc-Khanh Park, Course and Implementation Specialist
July 16, 4:00 PM CST in CC 350 DE

Empower your students to progress from using additive thinking to developing multiplicative reasoning for multiplying and dividing. Students can develop facility with these basic facts through multiplicative structuring of composite units. Come and learn how you can support your students to see quantities as “chunks of chunks” through positionality, screening, and color-coding of manipulatives such as n-tiles and arrays. This work is based on Dr. Robert J. Wright’s and Dr. David Ellemor-Collins’s research and their accompanying text, The Learning Framework in Number.

Teaching Structure of Number with Understanding: The Missing Piece in Early Addition and Subtraction
Katie Leadbetter, Course and Implementation Specialist
July 16, 1:00 PM CST in CC 351 AD

Do you find that your students are persistently counting-by-ones to solve addition and subtraction tasks? And they don’t seem to have any other strategies? Structure of Number to the rescue! Through hands-on experiences and video examples, you’ll learn about how to conceptually teach structure of number and how to leverage that knowledge for all addition and subtraction tasks.

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