AVMR Fractions course begins in Northampton, MA

Math teachers and special education teachers of math at JFK Middle School in Northampton, Massachusetts are taking an AVMR Fractions course this year. The Add+VantageMR® Fractions (AVMR) Course teaches ways to help students develop concepts and strategies with fractions to support algebraic reasoning and applying operations. The course is being taught by Math Coach and AVMR Champion, Diana Smith. Diana is a K-6 Math Coach - RTI Interventionist at Northampton Public Schools.

Learn more about Add+VantageMR® at US Math Recovery Council.

JFK Participants on the AVMR Course


"I wasn't too into this the first week, but every week it gets better. I am really enjoying trying to solve the sample problems and talking about fractions."

"My question is how can we help students jump out of the 'chasm' between part- whole and measurement within our daily instruction?"

Coach Martin's Perspective

Emma Martin is a Math Interventionist, grades 6-8 at NPS. "I enjoy using AVMR because the program is able to hone in on what is right on the edge of student understanding," Coach Martin said. "This helps build student confidence and affirm their mathematical identities. This is crucial in encouraging historically marginalized groups to pursue mathematics. It's been a great experience gaining these skills and I feel that it has truly changed my understanding of mathematical development and my teaching."

Picture and story courtesy December 2022 NPS Teaching and Learning Flyer and Roxanne Dorrie, Director of Curriculum & Instruction.

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