Connecting the Dots Between Research and Practice: Empowering Educators

Read what course participants are saying…

“This will really help me in my work with special education teachers. I can use my knowledge to support students and teachers in providing instruction that is right in the ZPD of each student.” MRIS, MN

“I have a much better knowledge of children's stages of mathematical development, and this will have a profound impact on my classroom teaching. I have many new classroom games, math talks, and techniques to use in my lessons that are easy to implement. I feel confident that I will foster a more inquiry based environment for mathematicians to grow and develop in their thinking.” AVMR Course 2, MI

“I work with middle school aged students with mild intellectual disabilities. These are great tools for assessing their number sense and I will use these tools to continually guide my instruction.” AVMR Course 2, WI

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