Math Recovery® Intervention Leader

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About This Course

The MR Leadership for Math Recovery Specialist, Part 1 (MRSp1 Leader) is an intensive professional development experience to prepare local leaders to deliver and support the Math Recovery Specialist, Part 1 (MRSp1) course. Throughout a year-long experience, MRSp1 Leaders closely study the research, frameworks, and pedagogy of Math Recovery intervention. A MRSp1 Leader can develop specialists in order to support math intervention and Add+VantageMR implementation.

Who is this course for?

Educators who would like to teach and certify other educators in Math Recovery Specialist in their district. Recommend for certified teachers who have 3 or more years in education and experience in instructional coaching. Educators will need a flexible schedule in order to provide professional development, 1:1 coaching, collegial meetings, and video share opportunities to participants.

One Year of Professional Development

MRSp1 Leader engages participants in a year-long professional learning experience consisting of professional development, monthly cohort meetings, and learning opportunities. Delivery of an MRSp1 course is required for designation and recommended during the first year of training. Growth, reflection, and mastery of content is required through a portfolio project submitted to designation as a MRSp1 Leader.

In order to become a MRSp1 Leader, successful completion of Math Recovery Specialist, Part 1 (MRSp1) is required.

Attend MRSp1 Leader

$6,000 per participant
  • Delivered only once a year by US Math Recovery staff
  • One year of professional development
  • Virtual collaboration and professional development
  • Asynchronous learning opportunities

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