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How to Play Mini Multo: Fun Multiplication Game

Materials to Make Your Own:

  • 1 Mini Multo Board (PDF Download) for each player or a 3 by 3 grid on paper
  • 2 different colored game markers
  • 1 Deca-die with numbers 0 - 9 (The 0 represents 10) or way to generate numbers 0-9


  1. Decide on the factor that will be used for play.
  2. Players write 9 of the first 10 multiples of that factor randomly on the game board. For example, if 4 is the factor for play, then all players record 9 of the first 10 multiples of 4; randomly writing one multiple in each box and choosing one multiple to omit.
  3. One player rolls the deca-die. Player determines the product and crosses out that number on his or her game board. For example, if a 6 is rolled then the product for 6 x 4 is determined and crossed out or covered with a game marker. If a player does not have a 24 then nothing is crossed out and play resumes with the next roll.
  4. Play continues until a player has three squares in a row crossed out or if using game markers, 3 in a row.