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How to Play Quick Draw: Fun Math Card Game

Materials to Make Your Own:

  • Index cards
  • Marker

or Purchase Quick Draw Deck from Math Recovery


Choose the multiplication facts you want to work on. Make a deck of 40 cards with index cards by writing the 1st ten multiples out and do this 4 times. For example, 4, 8, 12, all the way to 40.

  1. Deal out fifteen cards from your deck to each player. This becomes each player’s draw pile.
  2. Place two stacks of an additional 5 cards in the center of play.
  3. Each player draws 3 cards from their individual draw pile. This becomes each player’s hand during play.
  4. To start play each player turns over the top card from each stack of 5 cards in the center of play and places it face up.
  5. Players choose a card from their hand that is either a multiple higher or lower than one of the cards in play. Players can play on either stack and place a card as soon as a number from the player’s hand can be played. Players do not take turns.
  6. As soon as a player places a card, that player draws a card from their draw pile so that each player holds 3 cards at all times.
  7. If players cannot play one of the three cards in their hand, then each player turns over the top card from the 5-card pile and places that card face up in play. Play resumes.
  8. The first player that uses all cards from their individual draw pile wins.

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