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Number Sequence with Cups: Find the Chip


Students play Number Sequence with Cups: Find the Chip game to strengthen their mathematical questioning skills, using their knowledge of number identification and forward and backward sequences. Play Number Sequence with Cups first (page 12) before playing Find the Chip game. Downloadable Info

  1. One or more players.
  2. Player 1 says each number as the cups are randomly placed in front of them.
  3. Player 1 puts the cups in order from smallest to largest or largest to smallest.
  4. Player 1 reads the numbers back to player 2.
  5. Player turns around and the teacher hides a chip under a cup (place as many chips as needed).
  6. Players take turns asking where the chip(s) are located. Teacher stacks cups on top of each other to narrow down finding the chip.

Math Tip: Students will use math vocabulary to find the missing chip that has been placed under on of the cups. For example, “Is the chip under a cup that is greater than 5?” or “Is the chip under a cup that is less than 10?” or “Is the chip under the cup between the numbers 7 and 11?” The teacher can stack the cups that are guessed to visually narrow down the placement of the chip.